How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

Even though wireless and bluetooth headphone are well used by so many audiophiles, the quality of sound produced by a headset mic is one that sees off all other competition. Even gamers today recognize the importance that comes with gaming with a headset mic, but how to use headset mic on PC with one jack is a question that remains yet unanswered to so many people out there. Surprisingly, this is what this post will address today so stick around.

One of the reasons why a gamer will prefer playing with a headset mic instead of another type of wireless or bluetooth headphone is how headset mics makes gaming quite interesting and fun, but how to make use of headset mic on PC with one jack is a question that so many people have struggled with finding an answers over the years. Whether we live in a time where bluetooth and wireless headphones are trending, headset mics sounds way better.

Elevating and enhancing audio quality sound experience is one of the reasons why users will pick a headset mic over any other headphone, and you will be required to make use of a y-splitter if you are going to connect a headset mic to a PC using one jack. There are headsets designed today to have just one jack, and handling the speaker and microphone is what this jack is designed to do.

When you plug the jack into the PC slot, you are bound to enjoy a sweet and incredible sound experience, but there are other steps that you can take when it comes to working with a headset that comes with two jacks. You can also try out these steps we want to show you when dealing with a PC that possesses different outputs and inputs, so go ahead and follow the steps we want to show you so you can learn how to get it done.

How To Connect Headphones With Two Jacks To PC

Having an audio slot that serves the purpose of output and input functions is what several computers are designed to do today, so what do you think needs to be done if your headset comes with dual jacks for a microphone and speaker. Working with an adapter is what you need in this case, and adapter makes use of a tiny piece of wire that helps in converting double wire headset to one. Trust me when i say achieving this step is very easy.

What is required of you when making use of the adapter is to connect the microphone and speaker jacks to the adapter, making it easy for you to connect the adapter to the PC. The adapter is also known as the Y-splitter, and various types of Y-splitter on the market today serves for different purposes like computer devices, smartphones, and tablets. Some splitters come with a USB-C variant, while others have 3.5mm jack.

These adapters or Y-splitters can be gotten at electronic stores around you, or you also have the option for shopping for them online. What we want you to do is searching for the right information about adapters before going ahead to make a purchase.

How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

Single And Dual Jack Headsets

Why are some headsets designed to have single jacks and others have double jacks? This is one question you must have been struggling with over time, and the single jack headset is the one that is common nowadays. This is because it doesn’t allow so much wiring, and devices nowadays are getting designed to possess a single jack audio design. Being lightweight and consuming less amount of space is one of the benefit that comes with having a single jack headset.

They are also compact compared to dual jack headsets, but dual jack headsets boasts of a more versatile design than the single jack headset. The dual jack headsets comes with an additional input for connecting with other devices, and this shows you versatile dual jack headphones are. This makes the dual jack headphones a good option for Xbox one gamers.

How Does A Dual Jack Headset Work?

Dual jack headsets are designed to come with a golden ring, but older headsets were also designed to have one golden ring which tells you it supports mono compatibility. Headsets with two rings indicates that the headset supports stereo but not mono functions. However, newly designed headsets possess three rings that indicates input and stereo capabilities.

Sending and receiving signals is possible because of the three rings present on a dual jack headset, so there is no point working with a separate microphone.

Why Are Headsets Microphones With One Jack Popular

Especially among gamers, you will realize that headset mics with one jack have become very popular. Everyone can tell how obsessed gamers are with communicating with their friends while gaming, and this communication between gamers can be very challenging if a low quality headset mic is used. Making use of a laptop’s microphone will not offer the sound quality desired by a gamer, and this explains why they work with headset mics with one jack.

Making use of a dual jack headset for gaming means you can be able to connect a microphone and headphone, but the problem is gamers have to put with excess wiring. Dealing with several wires can be distracting for an avid gamer. and this is another reason why single jack headset mics remains a preferred option today. Single jack headsets are also very easy to connect.

Conclusion – How To Use Headset Mic On PC With One Jack

The headset mic with one jack for use on PC remains a reliable option not just for gamers but for everybody, and you can tell based on everything we have said. This means you no longer have to deal with too much wires distracting you when working, easy connection, amazing sound quality, and many more. We are hopeful that every advice or piece of information in this post turns out to be useful, so tell us your thoughts in our comment section.

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