How To Use Headphones On PS3

Most of the times, gamers tend to be concerned with how to use headphones on PS3 when they are considering shopping for a new headphone. Most PS3 owners are familiar with having this same issue, and it is a norm for them to wonder suitable ways they can use in connecting their headphone to PS3.

It might be a little but challenging when you are scanning and surfing through the internet for the right answers, but a connection is needed when you want to connect a headphone to PS3. Connections are very important in cases like this, and the type of connection we mean might be a Bluetooth connection or a cable connection.

Every gamer out there knows the importance of sounds when it comes to gaming, and this is because sound is a major part of the fun that comes with gaming. Listening to loud and clear sound effects when gaming is very essential for every gamer out there, and this explains why you will find a headphone on the neck of every gamer.

The importance of sound and the importance of having the right connection for using headphones cannot be overlooked, and every gamer should have the luxury of adjusting headphones and microphones so as to easily get rid of external and background noise. Every sound you get will take you deeper into the world of gaming.

However, gaming without making use of a headphone is still very much possible. This simply means you are going to put up with the sounds you get from your stereos or television. In most cases, you might not get the quality of sound you want from stereo speakers or television speakers, and this is where the need to get a good headphone comes in.

You are going to have a fantastic and superb gaming experience when you make use of the right headphones, and the market today is filled with both wireless and wired headphones of different brands. This also proves that there are several methods a person can use when it comes to connecting a headphone to a PS3 gaming device.

One fact about these games is both adult and teens develop interest in playing them at some point or throughout their entire life. There is a possibility that you must have heard about the PS3 or PS4 gaming devices on the internet or from friends. Even people who do not have interest in playing games also know about these gaming devices.

It is okay to wonder why almost everyone is hyped up about owning either the PS4 or PS3 gaming devices. These games have turned out to be almost every adult and teens best friend ever since they were first designed back in 2006. Trust me when i say you would not find a gamer that is yet to find out what playing these games feels like.

Designed by the prestigious Sony brand, you can tell that playing this game will come with so much fun. Its audio codecs are things you are going to enjoy when playing any of these games on any of these gaming devices.

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How To Use Headphones On PS3

How To Use Headphones On PS3

Since we have talked about the importance of gaming and given you a brief introduction on how to use headphones on PS3, it is time for you to learn the key steps involved in using a headphone on a PS3 gaming device. Doing this can be done in three simple ways, and these ways are what we want to show you in this post.

  • Using audio splitter
  • Using additional piece of hardware
  • Combination of fiber optic cable and optical switch box

Using Audio Splitter

The use of an audio splitter is the first step you can try out, but this would require you to shop for an audio splitter if you are yet to have one. The audio splitter can be used in plugging the headphone into the PS3 device, and he audio splitter helps in splitting output into two jacks.

This jack is designed to go into your television audio port and the headphone, and this makes sure you can listen to the audio from your game without getting disturbed.

Using Additional Hardware (Audio Switch Box)

This method has nothing to do with plugging in cables like we talked about in the first step, but an extra piece of hardware is needed for this method to work. This extra hardware might be an optical switch box, which people also call optical splitter. Controlling how television speakers turn is what this hardware is designed to do.

Another hardware you can use is the optical switch box, but this will require the use of a different cable. This cable is for obtaining 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, and this will require you to go for the coaxial cable and not an audio cable. This is because headphones will come with just one jack, but there is something you also need to know.

You can combine the two methods we have talked about which doesn’t require you to unplug anything as they handle the turning of your television speakers. The only downside is you cannot make use of both devices at the same time.

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Combining An Optic Fiber Cable And Audio Switch Box

This is the final and last method we want to talk about in this post, but there are some complications with this method. You will get the surround sound when you make use of this method, but an optic fiber cable and audio switch box will be required. A PS3 compatible audio signal receiver will also be needed for this to work.

This is the reason why we hinted earlier how complicated this method could be, but shopping for all the things listed here can be done easily. Make sure the headphone you want to use is compatible with all of these devices, because there are some headphones designed today that will not work with the devices we have listed in this section.


Sadly, we have to end this post here, but you now have all you need to know at your fingertip. These are the three easy steps you can take when you want to make use of your headphone on your PS3 gaming device, and take note of all the devices mentioned in all of these steps.

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