How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

Labeled as the “king Of Swing”, Frank Sinatra is considered as one of the famous singers of the 20th century. Despite concentrating more on his time on singing octave vocals, people enjoyed it and regarded him as one of the best singers the 20th century ever witnessed. If you are a lover of old songs, the name Frank Sinatra should ring a bell, and you have found the right page if you have been searching for answers on how to sing like Frank Sinatra.

Truth be told, Frank Sinatra attained the legendary status with the way he sang his songs, and so many singers today will love to sing like Frank Sinatra. Singing like Frank Sinatra isn’t something that can be easily achieved, but this doesn’t take away the fact that following the right steps will certainly make it easy for anyone to sing like Frank Sinatra. How to sing like Frank Sinatra shouldn’t be so difficult as he always maintained a limited vocal range.

Everyone is of the opinion that Frank Sinatra is very different from so many other singers in his time, and this explains why he was give the name “King Of Swing”. Frank Sinatra believed that the key to making good music lies in the quality of your lyrics, and Frank Sinatra in his own words once said that a song will sound no good if it has no good lyrics. For this reason, Frank Sinatra was more focused on writing exceptional and good lyrics.

We mentioned earlier that Frank Sinatra was very different from several other singers in his time, and this is based on the fact he was never concerned about singing in a high pitched voice like most other singers in his time did. Frank was of the opinion that his song lyrics was the best way to pass his message to his audience, and he never believed in the use of his voice or tone while singing. He was a firm believer of good lyrics.

However, this doesn’t mean Frank never has a good singing voice or tone. This simply means that his lyrics played an integral part of his career as he used his lyrics in relating his message to the audience. There are some useful tips in this article that we want to show everyone who wants to learn how to sing like Frank Sinatra, and carefully following all of these tips will not make you sound like Frank alone but you will end up being a very good singer.

How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

Below are some of the important tips and points you should pay attention to if you want to sing like Frank Sinatra.

Perfect Singing In Octaves

Frank Sinatra was a natural born singer, and this is the reason why all of his songs were recorded and performed in his original voice. Listening to Frank and figuring out how he sang his songs will help you in wanting to sing like Frank, and this will give you an idea on how to make good use of your voice like Frank did with his. This will cause you to know all of Frank’s lyrics by heart if you want to perfect this, and missing a lyric might mean missing the song.

Frank was of the opinion that lyrics were more important than melody when doing music, so wanting to sing like Frank Sinatra means focusing on doing the same, and that is writing good lyrics instead of focusing on just melody. You should also practice singing along while recording your voice after you have mastered his songs and lyrics. This will show you where you need to make key adjustments.

Volume Balancing

Frank sound like he was whispering in some of his songs, and he was able to accomplish this by using his lips to touch the microphone. This caused him to sing in a shallow tone, and practicing this technique will also be of help. This isn’t an easy technique that you can master in a twinkle of an eye, but constant practice will help you get better at it. Balancing out the entire song is very essential, and your timing also matters when using this technique.

When practicing this technique, ensure that his song is playing in the background so you can sing and practice along with ease.

Learn How To Phase

Phasing is another outstanding technique Frank made use of when singing, and this was accomplished through the use of certain words in conveying a message. This is one technique that you will find very easy to apply, but it becomes more difficult when singing. You will make this habit a lifestyle when you are done practicing it, causing it to come out naturally. Other songs can be used in mastering this technique, and you can pick any song of you like.

Getting People Attracted To Your Lyrics

Just like we stated at the beginning of this article, Frank used his lyrics in getting to his audience. He didn’t make much use of his voice, and wanting to sound like Frank means you have to adopt the same style and pattern. You should work on your lyrics and use them in getting the attention of your audience. This means you have to sing clearly, and avoid adding too many elements that will cause you to make a mistake.

You can practice something as simple as singing with crucial lyrics, and trust this method to get your audience to listen to what you have to say and not just the voice. If you want to sing like Frank Sinatra, you have to understand that your lyrics have a crucial role to play. Every lyric he wrote meant something deep or told a story, and this is why he was also called a “storyteller”.

Master Different Genres

Frank Sinatra was famous for making more of jazz, but performing other genres of music was something he also knew how to do. This means you have to do the same if you are willing to sing like Frank Sinatra, but this is a critical step to take as it is considered to be very professional. However, constant practice will do a lot of good, and you will realize that learning other genres of music will come in at some point in your musical career.

Fusing All Tips Together

This is where you have to put together all the tips you have been provided with in this article, and you can use them in practicing any song of your choice. When you combine all of these using Frank Sinatra songs, you will find out that you will sound like Frank with time. You will find it very easy to make your own songs through the combination of all the tips provided in this article, but do not forget writing meaningful lyrics.

Conclusion – How To Sing Like Frank Sinatra

Now that you have a very good idea of all the technique, tips, and tricks that can make you start singing like Frank Sinatra, the ball is in your court to get to work and get it done. Everything mentioned in this article should inspire you to start writing your own songs, but always maintain a natural and simple style. Phasing and volume balancing are also vital, and do not forget to put any of these tips to use if you want to learn how to sing like Frank Sinatra.

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