How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

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Soundbars are designed to improve the quality of audio sounds coming from your television, and it is okay to wonder how it gets this done.

Recreating deep and low bass sounds is the technique soundbars adopt in producing amazing and outstanding sound quality, and even though there are numerous soundbars on the market, the vizio brand is one that can be trusted.

No matter how trustworthy a soundbar might be, it doesn’t mean it is completely free from certain issues or problems. There are problems that will arise which will require resetting your soundbar, but resetting soundbars isn’t something everyone knows how to do.

There are particular steps that needs to be taken if you want to reset your soundbar, and soundbars are good at providing users with cinematic experience like we mentioned earlier.

This doesn’t take away the fact that it is likely to get jammed or the software won’t get corrupt, but what you might be required to do is performing a reset factory settings which would help your soundbar to work like it used to.

It will come as a surprise to you when you find out that running a reset on a soundbar isn’t as difficult as it might sound, meaning there are no special tools required to get it done.

To get your soundbar back to a reset, there are couple of switches you might have to flip, but entering all of your passwords and settings needs to be done again since running a reset takes the soundbar back to the way it was when you brought it out of the box. However, you should know that the reset button on every soundbar isn’t positioned at the same spot.

On other soundbars, you might not find a button but a recess, but the essence of this post is to show you what steps you can take when you want to reset your vizio soundbar.

Like we said at the beginning of this post, there are so many things that would make you consider resetting your soundbar, and the Vizio soundbar is likely to develop any of these faults or issues. A reset is one of the easiest ways you can take when trying to deal with these problems.

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

Whatever problem you have with your vizio soundbar will be taken care of if you are able to run a successful reset, but all the settings you have saved on your soundbar will be deleted instantly.

This means the soundbar will be taken back to the way it was the day you bought it, and you should know that resetting a soundbar isn’t going to take so much of your time.

Before going ahead to reset your vizio soundbar, there should be a very good reason for you to consider doing so. Your soundbar might start acting funny when one of its settings gets altered, and running a reset remains one of the best ways you can deal with this problem. Let us take a look at possible reasons why you might consider resetting your soundbar.

Reasons For Resetting Your Vizio Soundbar

Poor Quality Audio From Soundbar

You are going to consider resetting your soundbar if the audio quality you keep getting from your soundbar is poor or low, but turning up external audio source volume is one of the ways in tackling this situation.

Make sure the input you have set is set to a precise device, but the last option you will have on the table is to reset your Vizio soundbar if the first two steps failed to work.

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Humming And Buzzing Sounds

Another reason why you will consider resetting your Vizio soundbar is if you keep hearing buzzing sounds when making use of it. One of the things you have to check when dealing with this problem is if the soundbar is close to any wireless device, while switching connection cable or input option is something you should try as well.

The reason for trying this is because you might have used a defective device which is affecting the sound from the soundbar.

If none of these steps mentioned helped with the buzzing sound then the final step for you to take is to reset your vizio soundbar.

Blinking LED Light

Is your soundbar constantly showing a blinking light? This is one problem that will likely come up when there is an issue with your soundbar setting, and there are other issues that are bound to arise. It doesn’t just end with a blinking LED light, so the step you might have to take is to reset your Vizion soundbar.

All of the problems we have discussed briefly are worth resetting your Vizio soundbar, and without wasting further time, we will like to show you what steps to take when resetting your Vizio soundbar.

Before we forget, failure to turn on is yet another problem you are likely to face when dealing with a Vizio soundbar. Reset your Vizio soundbar if the light that comes on when you turn it on doesn’t come on anymore.

Steps In Resetting Your Vizio Soundbar

How To Reset Vizio Soundbar

Turning off your soundbar for ten seconds is the first thing you must do when you want to reset your soundbar, and you might be surprised that turning it back on after ten seconds might solve whatever problem you are dealing with. To be on a safer side, carry out these reset steps when resetting your Vizio soundbar.

  • The input and bluetooth buttons should be held simultaneously, and they should be held down for five to ten seconds. This is the first step to take when resetting your Vizio soundbar, so go ahead and check out the next step.
  • The volume down and input buttons should be held simultaneously for about six seconds, and trust this step to reset and restart your Vizio soundbar. Try the next step if this second step doesn’t reset and restart your Vizio soundbar.
  • The volume up and input buttons should be held simultaneously in this third and final step, and you should hold them down for the same six seconds. Trust this method to work if any of the two steps we have previously mentioned failed to work.

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You can count on any of the three steps we have discussed in this post to reset your Vizio soundbar, and being able to reset your Vizio soundbar means you are not going to deal with any of the problems you had before carrying out the reset.

What we do not want you to forget is resetting your soundbar is going to clear out whatever setting or password you must have saved on it, so be ready to install you settings and passwords again.

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