How To Reset Bluetooth Speaker

How to reset Bluetooth speakers is a frequently asked question, and this guide will provide you with every answer you need.

Bluetooth speakers have become the most common and popular way people jam and enjoy their favorite music all the time. This is because so many people have secured connectivity with several device types using a Bluetooth connection. Of course, we are talking about securing connections with devices like tablets, iPhones, laptops, smartphones, and other compatible devices.

Interestingly, every technology has a downside as nothing in life is ever one hundred percent efficient. The case of Bluetooth speakers might be failing to pair with another compatible device successfully, but it will interest you to know that Bluetooth speakers come with a manual you will find helpful at all times.

Sometimes, this manual could be a bit hard to understand, so you have this guide to fall back to when you want to reset your Bluetooth speaker. What we find interesting about Bluetooth speakers is how secure and safe their connections are.

They might not be one hundred percent efficient because of a design flaw and their nature of use. Being unable to pair with another compatible device might be one of the numerous reasons working with a Bluetooth speaker might pose a problem for you.

Surprisingly, there are general ways a person could reset a Bluetooth speaker if you notice a connectivity or pairing problem. We want to show you this interesting review which talks about how to reset Bluetooth speakers.

How To Reset Bluetooth Speaker

How To Reset Bluetooth Speaker

How To Reset Bluetooth Speaker Generally

  • Make sure the speaker is turned on
  • Ensure all previously connected devices are disconnected. You can do this by clicking on the speaker name and disconnecting it from all previously connected devices if you use an ios device. For Android devices, click on the Bluetooth name and remove all devices that have been paired with the speaker.
  • The next step is to press and hold the Bluetooth and power button simultaneously for a few seconds.
  • This will cause the speaker to reset automatically, making it easy for you to pair with another device.

How To Reset A JBL Bluetooth Speaker

  • To ensure the Bluetooth speaker is on, check if its power light is visible
  • Hold the volume up and play button at the same time, which will cause the speaker to go off
  • Carrying out the second instruction will cause this speaker to reset factory settings automatically
  • When you turn it back on, you will be able to pair this speaker with any device

How To Reset Wonderboom Bluetooth Speaker

  • Make sure the speaker is turned on
  • You find the speaker’s power button at the top of this device, so you should hold this button down along with the volume up button at the same time for few seconds.
  • It will indicate that the speaker has been turned off
  • Hold the power button to turn on the speaker, and you can start connecting with any device if you see its light blink

How To Reset Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker

Below are the following steps you should note when resetting the Onyx Studio Bluetooth Speaker;

  • Hold the power button and the volume button for about ten seconds to turn on the speaker.
  • After ten seconds, you will notice and sound and shut-off
  • Go ahead and turn on the speaker when you see an LED light which tells you the speaker is in a mode where you can pair it with another device
  • Once its light blinks, you can go ahead and connect this speaker with any device of your choice

How To Reset Beats Bluetooth Speaker

You should pay attention to the followings steps when you want to reset a Beats Bluetooth Speaker.

  • At the top of this speaker, you will locate its B button
  • Holding down the B button and the power button at the same time is what you are required to do here
  • The second step will cause the speaker to automatically reset, causing the LED to blink in green, red, and black colors
  • Go on and connect this Bluetooth speaker with any device of your choice once you see its LED blinking

How To Reset Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Check out these easy steps below on how to reset the Sony Bluetooth Speaker, and these steps we want to mention are very similar to other steps we have already mentioned for other speakers in this guide.

  • To turn on the speaker, press the power button.
  • This speaker comes with a control unit, and it is inside this unit, you will find its reset button.
  • To shut off this speaker, press its reset button, which will cause the speaker to go back to its default setting.
  • Go ahead and connect with any device of your choice immediately after this speaker is done resetting.

How To Reset Boss Blue Bluetooth Speaker

You will need to carry out the following steps when resetting the Boss Blue Bluetooth speaker.

  • Just like we have mentioned in other steps, making sure the speaker is turned on is the first thing you must do
  • For ten seconds, hold down its power button.
  • All of its LED lights will start blinking when you hold down its power button for ten seconds, showing you that this speaker is back to its default setting.
  • Turn on the speaker and connect with any available device

How To Reset Altec Bluetooth Speaker

The steps to follow are detailed below;

  • You will find three buttons on the right side of this speaker, and you will have to press and hold these three buttons.
  • This will cause the speaker to turn off automatically
  • Press the power button to turn on this speaker who will send the speaker into its Bluetooth mode
  • You can start connecting with any compatible device right now

How To Reset Portronics Bluetooth Speaker

  • The first step is to turn on the device
  • You will find a flap behind the speaker that conceals the reset button
  • Use a pin to press the reset button, which will cause the speaker to turn off
  • Press the power button to turn on this speaker, and you will notice a Bluetooth mode sound
  • Your speaker is ready for pairing

How To Reset Mpow Bluetooth Speaker

Its method remains the same as several other methods we have discussed in this guide, so check it out below;

  • You have to make sure the speaker is turned on.
  • Hold power and volume button at the same time for about five seconds
  • After carrying out step 2, turn on the speaker
  • Its LED lights will turn red and green, and this is to let you know the speaker is in its pairing mode. This is where you can connect this speaker with a compatible device.

Why Does Bluetooth Connections Fail, And Can It Be Fixed?

Due to a malfunction in the software or hardware, a Bluetooth connection is likely to fail. However, there are several other reasons why a Bluetooth speaker connection will fail, and it could end up getting fixed most times. Interference returns a common cause of why Bluetooth speakers fail, while other common causes could be obstruction and compatibility.

This is why you must check the compatibility of two devices before pair them using a Bluetooth connection.

You should make sure both devices are placed close to each other if you want to pair them, and the reason for this is some devices have a certain distance or range that makes them visible to other devices. If they exceed that range, connecting with such devices might be impossible.

Furthermore, some devices will have issues connecting with other devices if their battery seems low, so checking a device’s battery status is crucial. Finally, you should note that a device has to be discoverable if it will pair with another device.

You can visit the Bluetooth settings on your device and click on options to check if it’s visible or not. You can then turn on the speaker and tap the Bluetooth option, which will send you directly to the Bluetooth mode to start connecting with a Bluetooth speaker.

Excessive radio signals and Wi-Fi connections could also be the reason why you are finding it hard to pair two Bluetooth-compatible devices. This is because electronic devices will suffer interference if there are several unnecessary signals.

It would help if you tried clearing out all of these unwanted signals within the area or switch your location before you try pairing a Bluetooth speaker with another device.

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