How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

As an iPhone user, you are bound to facing several problems with your device bluetooth connection. Bluetooth failing to connect is a very common problem among iPhone users, and this is why we have decided to bring this interesting article that talks about how to rest bluetooth on iPhone. In this post, we will show you what steps you can take when you want to reset your iPhone’s bluetooth connection. Welcome to this interesting post, so continue reading along.

iPhone users nowadays complain how their device bluetooth connection fails in connecting with another bluetooth connection, and there is also a scenario where your phone’s bluetooth connection stays stuck when trying to connect with another phone’s bluetooth connection. Other people frequently complain about their phone taking too long when searching for a bluetooth device, and these are many more are some of the bluetooth issues on an iPhone.

The best way to solve any of these problems is knowing how to reset bluetooth on iPhone, and you are very lucky as you are reading the right page that has all the answers you need. If you are keen on learning the right steps to take then you should not leave this page as we are about to bring you the right steps you can take in solving these problems. Surprisingly, all of these steps are precise and straightforward, so you have no issues carrying them out.

On the other hand, troubleshooting a bluetooth connection problem on your phone can be achieved by resetting your device bluetooth connection. Without wasting further time, here are the main steps to take when resetting your iPhone’s bluetooth connection.

How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

Below are the right steps to take when resetting your phone’s bluetooth connection;

  • Go on your device on click on the settings button
  • The next step is holding down your home and power button until the apple logo comes up on your screen
  • You should return to the settings or control center on your phone so you can try reconnecting with a nearby device
  • You should click on the I icon if the connection problem with your bluetooth still continues, and click on the device you want to try pairing
  • Click on forget device and confirm the operation
  • You can now return to your bluetooth connection and find out if the connection issues has been resolved

How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

Why My iPhone Bluetooth Is Not Functioning

There are several possible reasons why your phone’s bluetooth will fail to connect, but your phone’s software and bluetooth design is responsible for your bluetooth to perform what it is designed to do. Connecting two bluetooth devices that are not on the same page is one of the reasons why they are failing to connect, and we want to take a look at some possible scenarios that might cause two bluetooth devices to fail when trying to connect.

Hardware And Software That Are Not Compatible

Your phone software and hardware are both responsible for your bluetooth’s ability to function, and there are phone brands that designed their bluetooth to speak certain bluetooth languages. If your device speaks a bluetooth 4.0 language then it will not connect with a device that doesn’t speak the same language, and bluetooth devices that do not have compatible hardware will not connect successfully.

Pairing Two Devices That Are Not Designed To Be Pair

Some phones come with their unique bluetooth profile, and connecting a camera and a mouse is a common scenario of what we are trying to explain. The house has no camera interface profile so it will never connect with a camera bluetooth profile, but connecting an iPhone with a wireless headset will connect successfully since they share the same hands-free profile.

Pairing Devices Far From Each Other

When two devices are far from each other, it will be difficult or impossible for them to connect with each other. For a swift connection to happen, both devices needs to be close with each other, and bluetooth will also fail to connect if a high speed USB port is causing problems. This means that your bluetooth connection will turn off automatically when the power management figures out if the device battery is low.

How To Fix Bluetooth Pairing Issues

After figuring out what could be the problem why bluetooth devices fail to connect, the next step for you to take is finding out how to solve these connection issues. When you want to connect your bluetooth to another device, take note of these points we have listed below;

  • Make sure bluetooth connection is turned on and you can see the icon at the top of your device screen.
  • Your phone can also determine if the bluetooth connection will connect, and your phone might ask for a password sometimes. In other cases, you might have to tap on the other device you want to connect.
  • Switching your bluetooth device to a discoverable mode is another point to note when connecting two bluetooth devices, and you can do this successfully in your phone’s bluetooth connection. This setting will make it easy for other devices and even cars to identify your bluetooth, and a confirmation might be required to perform this operation successfully.
  • Also ensure that the devices you want to connect are close to each other and not so far apart. Being in close proximity with each other will help them connect successfully
  • If you have paired with a device before and it fails in connecting, delete the device and trying connecting afresh.

Final Thoughts – How To Reset Bluetooth On iPhone

We have come to the closing stages of this interesting post, and we hope the steps we have shared will help solve all the bluetooth connection issues you have been having. We have also outlined general steps you can take when you face a bluetooth connection problem, and all of these general steps will also help in preventing loss of data that might happen during a failed connection. We wish you good luck as you try out these steps today.

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