How To Record With Streamlabs OBS

With the streamlabs obs, it is easy for anyone to stream or make a recording of themselves. The Streamlabs obs is an exciting software that helps in obtaining professional and excellent results when making a recording or streaming, but you have to learn how to record with streamlabs obs before being able to get the best out of it.

So many people might be wondering what the OBS added to Streamlabs means, and OBS implies open broadcaster software. In this interesting post, we will be talking to you about simple steps you can follow when learning how to record with the streamlabs obs, so we are officially welcoming you to this entertaining and exciting post.

It is okay for you to doubt or have disbelief when we talk about the ability of the streamlabs obs to make a high quality streaming or video recording, but the fact about the streamlabs obs is it will provide you with the best streaming and video recordings. What makes this software interesting is how simple it is to work with.

All of the steps involved in streaming or making a recording with the streamlabs obs are less confusing and very simple, and this is why we have deemed it fit to bring you all of the steps involved so you can have a better understanding of what working with the streamlabs obs looks like. What do people think about this software?

There are people who view the streamlabs obs as the best, practical, and most exciting software when it comes to streaming and making a recording. It boasts of having an easy to use and a user-friendly interface with amazing features like capturing gameplay and having different recording modes.

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Using any of the tabs open on the desktop means you can easily make a very good recording. Let us tell you more about the Streamlabs Obs Audio.

How To Record With Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs OBS Audio

It will be helpful for you to learn more or have deeper knowledge about the streamlabs obs before showing the steps involved when you want to make use of it. A video will have less impact to the public if it comes with a poor audio quality, and this is because anybody watching a video will be keen to hear the words that are said in the video.

This tells you how important it is to capture audio when making a recording or when streaming, but there is something that you must do before you start making use of the streamlabs obs. This is ensuring that all the speakers and other devices you will be working with are recognized by the streamlabs obs software.

Anyone who is new to this highly intelligent software might find it a bit difficult to find their way through its controls and settings, and this is where you have to consider the following steps;

  • On the software, locate settings and proceed to its audio settings
  • The next option is either adding a desktop audio device or a microphone, and the software will be able to recognize this audio device the moment they get connected
  • Go to the streamlabs obs software and click on the audio device you have just connected with it before exiting the software

This is how simple it is if you want to add an audio device or a microphone to your streamlabs obs software, and doing this is essential to obtaining crystal clear and crisp audio sounds. This steps we have provided you with can also be repeated when you want to add more than one audio device or microphone.

How To Record With Streamlabs OBS

How To Record With Streamlabs OBS

We mentioned earlier in this post how working with the streamlabs obs software is a straightfoward, fast, and easy one, and trust me when i say this software is super smooth, smart, and easy to work with. You can attest to this fact when we showed you the steps you can take when trying to add an audio device or a microphone to it.

Now that you have an idea of what step to take when wanting to add an audio device to the streamlabs obs, let us talk to you in details about the steps involved when working with the streamlabs obs.

The first thing you have to do when working with the streamlabs obs is to open the software, and you will be greeted with the live option when you first open the streamlabs obs client. Ensure that you do not select the live option button, but there is a recording option beside which you must tap when you want to make a recording.

The next step you have to take after making a recording is to search for the video files, and this can be done by searching in the windows box. The window search box is the one at the bottom of the screen, but the steps we just showed you are steps you can take when making a video recording and not streaming.

Doing both streaming and recording is something you can do at the simultaneously on the streamlabs obs client, and this can be done by clicking on the live button which starts streaming, and you also click on the recording button beside which starts making a video recording. Make sure you keep audio clarity in mind when using streamlabs obs.

Surprisingly, we have the OBS and the Streamlabs OBS software today. People are constantly asking about the two to know which one is better and preferable for use, but what we want you to note is that every user has a preference in mind. In our own summary, the OBS is regarded as the Streamlabs OBS’s basic version.

You will be working with a better and upgraded software version when you choose the streamlabs obs to work with, and it boasts of several features that makes working with outstanding. All of these features ensures you obtain professional and excellent results, and it will interest you to know that these software are open source software.

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This means you can work with them for free at the initial stages, helping you make up your mind on which one you want to work with. How you choose to click on the recording and live option buttons if you want to work with them at the same time doesn’t matter. Make sure you do not forget to click on both because they work differently.

Final Thoughts

Now you can see for yourself that all the steps involved in working with the streamlabs obs are very precise, short, simple, and straightforward. It is exactly as we stated at the beginning of this post, so we urge you to go ahead and try it out today.

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