How To Play Music From Phone To Car Without Aux

The use of Bluetooth, cords, and auxiliary ports are used when anybody intends playing music inside their cars, but these are not the only options present for you to make use of. In this post, we will be talking about how to play music from phone to car without aux, because playing music from phone to car is something you should be able to do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a new car or not, but every ride will be boring if you are unable to play music while driving. This tells you how music has become a part of everybody’s lives, and there is a possibility that you are going to be a music lover if you own a car.

There are people that have arranged the sound system of their car to provide them with a high quality sound experience, and you shouldn’t be limited with the fact that you do not own a car before you can learn how to play music from phone to car without aux. There are certain instances that learning the steps involved comes in handy.

How To Play Music From Phone To Car Without Aux

Maybe you ride with your friend in his car from time to time, and maybe you take comfort in the fact that you get to be the DJ when you are riding inside of your friend’s car. If you find yourself in this spot sometimes then it is very necessary that you learn how to play music from phone to car without aux.

Let’s say you and your friends have a road trip already planned out, and you are eager to share your fire playlist with them on the way. You think your playlist has the right songs to put everybody in the right mood, and you can’t wait to connect your phone to the car’s auxiliary port so you can start blasting those songs.

You might have it all figured only for you to step into the car and realize that the car doesn’t come with an aux port. What do you do when you find yourself in this sort of situation? We all understand how frustrating this can get, because it means the road trip would be a long and boring one. I mean, what is a road trip without good music?

Surprisingly, there are couple of steps you need to figure out if you want to connect your phone to a car’s sound system without making use of an auxiliary port. This might sound very strange to you, but trust me when i say there are other steps you can take to share the music you have saved up on your playlist.

An auxiliary port isn’t the only option available when it comes to playing songs from your phone to your car, and that is why we you are reading this post as you seek new steps to follow. Not to worry, this post has it all figured out for you, so we encourage you to continue reading this post to learn about these interesting steps.

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How To Play Music From Phone To Car Without Aux

How To Play Music From Phone To Car Without Aux

There are couple of steps you can follow when you want to play music from your phone to car but your car has no auxiliary port. Check out the following steps below;

Making Use Of A Cassette Tape Adapter

New and old car systems tend to have cassette tape players available, and connecting your phone to the cassette tape player is possible using a cassette tape adapter. Below are the necessary steps for you to follow when using this approach;

  • The audio cable of the cassette tape adapter should go into the headphone’s slot
  • Insert the adapter inside of the audio cassette system’s slot
  • You can go through the audio menu where you need to search for the tape mode. Press play when you see it
  • Adjust audio volume to any level of your choice

Making Use Of A Frequency Modulated Transmitter

Maybe your car system doesn’t have a cassette tape player, then it is okay for you to try out a Frequency Modulated Transmitter. This helps in playing songs using FM signals, and below are the necessary steps for you to follow;

  • Your car has a car cigarette lighter port for connecting FM transmitters, and this ensures that the transmitter has is own power source
  • After powering the audio system, choose the FM mode
  • The FM frequency you select should be a free one and not one used by any stations within the area
  • The frequency in the FM transmitter and that in the audio system should match
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone for connecting and pairing with the FM transmitter
  • Play and enjoy your music

Making Use Of The Bluetooth Option

You will find a Bluetooth option on most modern cars, and this is another easy option for you to make use of when you want to play music from your phone to car without an auxiliary port. Below are the necessary steps you must take when you want to make use of this option;

  • Go to your phone’s setting and activate the Bluetooth option
  • Make sure it is set to visible when you turn it on
  • Power your car audio system
  • Look for your car’s Bluetooth option under your car menu and select the option that enables you to pair with nearby devices. Your car will search for nearby devices and you will see a list of already paired devices
  • Choose your phone Bluetooth when you see it, and a pin is likely to pop up which will help in pairing both Bluetooth devices together.
  • After entering the correct pin, you are going to get a successful connection message
  • Start playing your music from your mobile device to the car

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Final Verdict

This is where we get to say goodbye to you for reading this post as we have held up our own end of the bargain by providing you with better steps to follow when it comes to connecting your phone to your car without making use of an auxiliary port. All of these steps are one hundred percent efficient, so it comes down to find what works for you.

Ensure that you take proper note of every step we have mentioned so you do not end up missing a thing, and feel free to tell us about which of the steps you have selected that worked for you in the comment section of this interesting post.

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