How To Measure Car Speakers

Check Out The Right Steps To Take On How To Measure Car Speakers

Having a good sounding speaker installed inside of your car is going to make every ride fun for you, and there is nothing more interesting that having a decent car speaker jamming your best songs for you. One fact about car speakers is they do not hit the right spots you will want them to, and this is why they are not approved by audiophiles.

Having a reliable and good sounding speaker installed in your car isn’t a topic that people should debate or argue over, because it is an essential thing for you to do if you want to enjoy whatever songs you are listening to while driving. There might be a possibility that requires you changing the speakers your car comes with.

On the other hand, changing car factory speakers isn’t as easy as it sounds as you have to make sure you are replacing it with a speaker that will perfectly fit your car. However, this is where the real problem lies as not everyone can measure car speakers. Measuring car speakers isn’t something that can easily be done.

How To Measure Car Speakers

How To Measure Car Speakers

There is something that can be done to make the entire process easy, and the first place you can start from is by knowing your car measurements. Knowing how to measure car speakers is a required knowledge every car owner ought to have, and knowing this saves a lot of stress and unnecessary modifications.

Making purchase returns will also be canceled when you know how to measure car speakers, and this means measuring car speakers can also be simple to carry out provided you have the right knowledge at your fingertip. This is why we have decided to bring you this post as it will show you simple steps on how to measure car speakers.

Furthermore, there must be a reason why you want to measure car speakers. This is what we want to talk to you about next before going ahead to show you the steps involved in measuring car speakers.

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Why You Have To Measure Car Speakers

Why you have to measure car speakers is one of the thoughts that will cross your mind before you go ahead and shop for a speaker that will fit perfectly. Car manufacturers design speakers to have a standard size and fitting, but there will be a noticeable difference when you try installing this speaker inside of your car.

It doesn’t matter if these speakers share the same price range, but the key thing is you are going to see noticeable differences in all of them. The difference could be in terms of fraction, inches, or even in millimeter, and it will surprise you that a difference as small as this could affect installing a car speaker inside your car.

Now, you can tell how important a speaker’s dimension is before installing it inside of your car. Taking car speaker’s measurements is of great importance too, and taking the right measurements before you go ahead to shop for a car speaker is of great importance as well.

Having unusual heights and modifications is something that is very common with factory car speakers, and this makes it slightly difficult for it to fit into cars. This also explains why finding compatible aftermarket speakers and car speakers seems very difficult. This means you are going to do more than taking diagonal measurements.

It is going to be funny when you install a car speaker without measuring the car speaker, and you realize that your car doors do not close anymore. Asides from being funny, this is also going to seem annoying as it would look like a big waste of your time. It might also be impossible for you to roll down your windows, so you must avoid this.

This is why you have to continue reading this post so you can learn what materials you must work with, and the steps involved in measuring car speakers. Below are the materials you will have to work with;

  • Screwdriver
  • Notepad
  • Transparent ruler
  • Panel removing tools
  • Pen

Measuring car speaker steps isn’t as complicated as you think, but having accurate measurements is what is required at the end of the day. Below are the steps involved in measuring car speakers;

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How To Measure Car Speakers

Steps To Take When Measuring Car Speakers

Take Away The Old Speaker From The Car – This is where you have to make use of the removing panel tools, and ensure the car is off when you do this. This will help in preventing you from cutting off power from your car, and make sure everything is carefully done to avoid making a huge mistake.

Take Car Speaker Diameter – You will need your notepad, pen, measuring tape or ruler here as you have to take down measurements, but a large workspace is needed as the speaker has to stay in an upright position. The cone is positioned to face upwards, while the magnet side is positioned to face the bench.

Measure Car Speaker Mounting Height – Taking this measurement is needed if you want to keep the speaker in an upright position, and the ruler will be required when taking down this measurement. It is very crucial that you take down the accurate measurements alone when doing this.

Take Car Mounting Speaker Depth – The speaker must be in an upright position for you to achieve this, and measuring from the end of the magnet to the speaker’s mounting frame needs to be done using a metallic tape. This is for determining the safety of the speaker inside the mounting hole.

Screw Diameter Measurement – Some speaker screws nowadays tends to be equal or similar to that of factory speakers, and this is why knowing the in and out diameter of these screws is very important. You are going to have a detailed clue of what to settle for when you go out shopping for car speakers.


Now you can see that measuring car speakers isn’t as difficult as most people describe them to be as long as you have the right piece of information. Knowing the right measurement and dimensions to take is also of great importance, and having this post beside you will make the entire step very smooth and easy.

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