How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

If you feel your car bass sounds isn’t getting heard couple of blocks away, or if you feel your car subs are disappointing then you should be considering how to make subs louder outside the car. If you are craving that thunderous bass sounds from your cars but you are not getting it then you might be considering what necessary action needs to be taken in order to boost the sounds coming out from your car.

You have come to the right page which has all the answers you need, and this post will walk you through some tips that will effectively increase the quality of sounds coming out of your car. As lovers of bass and music, how a stereo sounds gives us an insight or conclusion about it. Even though some people and blogs sound like wanting your subs to sound louder than they are right now will cost a lot, the fact is it doesn’t cost much at all.

If you feel the sounds coming from your car is trapped inside then you will definitely want the subs in your car to sound louder on the outside. There is a belief that a car that sounds loud on the outside means there is more street credibility, ensuring that every head that passes your car turns immediately. Having your car sound louder on the inside and outside also depicts that you have spent a good amount of money on your car sound system.

What Is A Subwoofer

A lot of people will also appreciate the value of music and the quality of sound coming out from your car when they pass by, and trust me when i say the youngest and coolest kid in your neighborhood will dream to have a car as cool and loud as yours. The fact is there are so many factors that will influence the loudness of your subwoofer outside your car, and we will explain these factors very soon to you in details.

Before going ahead to show you what to do to make your car sound louder on the outside, you should be aware of the fact that the original intention of subwoofer was for them to be used as a car audio’s inside component. There are several ways to improve a subwoofer and your car audio system if its performance is very low and poor, and this post will show you simple steps you can use in making your subwoofer sound louder outside the car.

Subwoofers are loudspeakers that are designed to produce low-pitched frequencies which are known as sub-base or base in car stereos. An audiophile can easily recognize when his subwoofer isn’t sounding as loud as it should outside the car, and this is one of an audiophile’s greatest fear. One thing about subwoofers is they are designed to have small, physical dimensions.

Surprisingly, these small, physical dimensions are known to produce loud, clear, and rich sounds. You should also be aware of the fact that your car subs will not be able to sound as loud as you want it if they are not optimized to be loud or used outside of your car. The fact that they produce small frequencies means they will require a lot of energy and power to function the right way, but we will be showing you now how to make your subs sound louder.

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

The key fact you should know when wanting to make your subwoofers sound louder outside your car is by ensuring that he subwoofer is getting as much power as it should. If it is not getting enough power then you should consider adding an amplifier to it, and adding a second subwoofer will also help to solve the problem. It will also help if you install a ported subwoofer, and make sure it faces the window.

Since subwoofers were designed with the intent of being used as a car stereo’s internal component, here are few tips you can follow to make them sound louder.

Size Of Subwoofer

The subwoofer size is one factor that matters when deciding the bass depth coming out from your subwoofer, and it will interest you to know that having large subwoofer in your car means they will be able to produce larger sounds. Depending on the size of your car, a large sized subwoofer might not be able to fit into your car trunk. However, it is a clear fact that large size subwoofers are known to do better than the smaller subwoofers.

Placing the subwoofer in an open area is one of the best ways of installing a subwoofer, and it is very essential that you place your subwoofer where it will produce bass sounds with zero or minimal interference. Also make sure that where you position the speaker has no internal car body frame or obstacle that will hinder loud bass sounds from coming out.

This explains why we advice people to place the subwoofer in a position where the cone gets to face the door, instead of facing the back seats.

Enclosure Type

The type of enclosure you make use of will also determine how loud your subwoofer will sound, and you should know that sealed enclosures offers amazing sound quality, but they do not sound as loud as ported enclosures. Making use of ports for additional bass reflex is what so many loud subwoofers are known for, and this is why they are able to sound very loud because airflow isn’t restricted.

Finding a subwoofer that has an open channel port means it will be able to produce deep bass sounds, but the disadvantage that comes with using ported enclosures is they might not sound as accurate as you desire. However, the accuracy of sound coming out of the subwoofer wouldn’t be a problem if you are in search of loudness alone.

Power Handling Capability

The power handling capacity of a subwoofer shouldn’t be neglected when choosing a subwoofer, and the presence of huge voice coils and a large magnet makes it possible for a loud subwoofer to handle high amount of power. The huge voice coils and large magnet makes it easy to dissipate heat, but power isn’t the only parameter you have to consider in this aspect.

Real continuous power which you know as RMS is another factor you have to consider when considering wattage, instead of considering peak wattage which ends up being as twice as high.

How To Position Subwoofers To Get A Loud Effect

Your audio experience will end up being minimized when the subwoofers are not positioned the right way, and positioning the subwoofers the wrong way might result in the production of muffled sounds. This is why you need to get the position right when placing a subwoofer, and there are lots of room to position a subwoofer if you drive an SUV or a large size truck.

Positioning subwoofers in smaller trunks has some limitations, and this is why positioning a subwoofer there is enough space helps you get the best sounds out of it. This is because there is enough space next to the port and in front of it for air to flow freely, so a non-compromised airflow will not affect the bass reflex of a subwoofer. This means you will be able to hear subwoofer from a far distance, and try avoiding subs facing the back seats.

One more thing you need to know about having loud sounds coming out from your car is the possibility of adding any subwoofer, and you can go ahead and install another subwoofer if there is still enough space in your car trunk. There will be an additional level of loudness when you add another subwoofer to the already existing setting, and you do not have to consider shopping for a large sized speaker.

Final Note – How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

It is not difficult to make a subwoofer sound loud outside of your car, but here are some of the key points we have noted in this post for you to take note of;

  • Power coming from the amplifier
  • Number of subwoofers present in your car
  • Type of subwoofer enclosure in your car
  • Tuning the amplifier setting properly
  • Sound deadening

If the above that we have mentioned are correctly applied then your subwoofer will definitely sound louder outside the car, and trust me when i say doing this will also get the attention of people passing your car when you drive by.

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