How To Make Sealed Box Louder

Don’t get confused when we mention a sealed box, because a sealed box refers to a sealed subwoofer box that comes in an enclosure. Sealed subwoofer enclosures are used for so many car audio settings nowadays, but there are people with complaints that they do not sound as loud as they have pictured it to sound. This is why we have brought you this interesting article on how to make sealed box louder. Come along with us and find out all you need to know.

The plan behind designing a sealed subwoofer box is for it to produce amazing sound bass frequencies, and trust me when i say the bass response you will get from a sealed subwoofer box is better compared to that you will get from a ported subwoofer box. However, there are certain things you can do to make a sealed box sound louder, and that is exactly what this post is here to talk to you about. Keep reading this interesting post with us.

On a general note, providing more amplifier power is the easiest and best way you can make a sealed box sound louder. Furthermore, taking out the speaker in use and replacing it with a powerful and stronger one will also guarantee the production of loud sounds, but one thing you shouldn’t forget when dealing with sealed boxes is the amount of air pressure that is sealed in a box should not be very high.

One question you might be asking right now is if it is possible to make a sealed box sound louder than it already does. The answer to this question is yes, and that is what we will also be talking to you about in this post. Providing clarity and accuracy is the main reason behind designing an enclosure for speakers and subwoofers, and this tells you they can get extremely loud when producing sounds that can shake the entire car.

One other thing you also have to take into consideration is the fact that the size of an enclosure can vary from being small to being big. This is why you need to look out for the ones with space saving designs that can perfectly fit under your car seats. Furthermore, the type of subwoofer enclosure you make use of determines if it is going to deliver a deep bass response. Speakers that are larger than ten inches might not play as loud as you want it.

This is because how large sounds produced by a speaker box or enclosure are depends on the internal pressure inside of the box. There is some sort of argument whether sealed boxes sound louder than other speaker boxes. The truth is sealed boxes do not sound as loud as bandpass or ported subwoofer boxes, and you can count on a ported subwoofer box to produce more sounds compared to a sealed subwoofer box while running on same amount of power.

Subwoofer or speaker boxes are designed either as sealed or ported boxes, and you can count on sealed boxes to offer an enhanced listening experience. The truth is there are several tricks you can adopt if you want to make sealed boxes sound louder, and that is what we will be talking about next in this interesting post.

How To Make Sealed Box Louder

How To Make Sealed Box Louder

It is a clear fact that everybody wants the best of quality when it comes to sound, and you really cannot enjoying listening to your favorite songs in your car if the sound level or quality if below par. Before going ahead to show you how to make sealed boxes louder, here are some of the benefits that comes with using a subwoofer or speaker box;

  • It boosts the sound quality performance of your subwoofer
  • It saves money and time in shopping for another subwoofer
  • It ensures your car stereo sounds better than ever
  • There are various approaches for you to explore, so a subwoofer box makes this easy for you
  • It has easy to do techniques you can select from
  • Loud sounds are guaranteed using a subwoofer box

Making A Sealed Speaker Box Louder

Here are things you can do to make your sealed speaker box louder and better;

Sealing In Air Leakage – Air leakage is known for cutting down on sound pressure levels, and there is an airtight seal created inside the box that makes sure terrible sounds are not produced even at high volumes. The best thing to do is make use of wood glues, and you can use this wood glue in holding the plastic terminal cup that serves for connecting speaker wires to the amplifier and box.

Fill Up Using Polyfill – Polyfill refers to the white materials you will find inside of your bed covers and pillows, and they are inside inside speaker boxes to make the speakers think they are bigger than they actually are. This ends up in the production of better and thicker bass sounds.

Make The Box Tight – The terminal cup and the subwoofer are enclosed inside of a box and held with screws, so you should ensure each screw is tight if you want to obtain a maximum seal. Achieving this can be done using a screwdriver or a hand drill tool.

Get A Durable Speaker Box – It doesn’t matter whether you are a music enthusiast or not, but what matters is making use of a durable speaker box. The essence of making use of a durable speaker box is it doesn’t just offer protection to the speaker, but it also makes sure excellent sound qualities are produced. The wood material used in making a speaker determines how loud it is going to sound, so some of the best materials to use includes;

  • Baltic birch plywood
  • Medium density fiberwood

Make Use Of Thicker Speaker Wires – It is very vital that you avoid the use of cheap speaker wires if you want your speaker box to sound louder, so it is a better option when you opt to make use of an oxygen-free, 12-gauge speaker wire.

How To Make Sealed Box Louder

Making A Sealed Subwoofer Box Louder

They way you can make a sealed subwoofer box sound louder is similar to that of a sealed speaker box, but what stands out the most when dealing with subwoofer boxes is the structural design of the box. Here are ways to make a sealed subwoofer box louder.

Tighten The Old Box Or Get A New One – This might sound weird to many, but it is still one of the right things you can do when you want your sealed subwoofer box to sound loud. However, you can consider going for a replacement if you realize you are making use of the wrong type of box, or you can consider tightening the one you have if you are low on a budget.

Stuff The Box With Poly-Fill – Stuffing the subwoofer box with poly-fill is another step to take if you want to make your subwoofer box louder, and you can tell that we also mentioned this step when talking about how to make a sealed speaker box louder. The poly-fill inside the subwoofer box will help in slowing down air inside of the box, making it possible for the sealed subwoofer box to sound richer and louder.

Go For A Stronger Subwoofer Box – This is advised when dealing with sealed and ported boxes, but the effect is seen more when you are dealing with sealed boxes. Sealed boxes are very easy and simple to design, so it is possible for you to get a subwoofer box of your choice, and make it using a very strong wooden material which supports producing loud sounds.

One other thing we want you to note when it comes with dealing with sealed boxes is positioning them the right and proper way. There are certain positions you will place them and they will deliver the best in sound quality and volume, so it is very essential that you try out several positions to find out that which will work for you. It is essential that you play some music when trying out several positions so you can be able to get clarity on the sound level and quality coming from a particular position. This helps you find the best position for your sealed boxes.

Final Note – How To Make Sealed Box Louder

When it comes to listening to music, what matters most is listening to loud and crystal clear sound quality. You can see from all we have said that it is possible to make sealed boxes sound louder, and it doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a speaker box or a subwoofer box. Trust all the steps we have discussed in this post to make sealed boxes play loud.

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