How To Keep Earphones In Good Condition

There are earphones designed today that claim to come with designs that protect them from unwanted damage, but the truth about these earphones is they do not last as long as you want them to. What you need might be to learn how to keep earphones in good condition, and this is necessary if you do not want to go visiting for earphones soon.

It is normal to demand clarity and high quality sounds from your earphones, and it is okay to get this but not at the expense of your comfort or its dependability. Your earphones should be able to last for a long period whether you are making use of it at work, for movies, or for listening to music at the gym. They should be able to last longer.

Taking the right steps will help in dealing with the common issues that earphones tend to have, and you should also have it in mind that settling for a cheap earphone might see you go back to shop for another earphone as cheap earphone are likely to not last more than a month.

The expensive ones tend to last longer since they claim having a high quality component build, but settling for expensive earphones still doesn’t prove that it is going to last for a long while. Of course earphones would not last if they are not properly taken care of, but knowing how to keep earphone in good condition will make them last long.

Every owner is required to do certain things that will make them last longer if they do not want to part ways with their earphones sooner than expected, and what you have to do is what we want to show you in this post so you can have an idea of the right steps to take to keep your earphone in good working condition. Check out these steps below;

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How To Keep Earphones In Good Condition

How To Keep Earphones In Good Condition

Your earphone is going to last longer when you dedicate your time and efforts towards the right things that helps care for it. The surprising thing is you can apply this same method to a cheaply built earphone and it is going to last longer than you every imagined, and this is to prove to you that cheap doesn’t really mean it is fake.

Caring and maintaining your cheap earphone regularly will make it last longer than you can ever think of, and thing like careful inspection, reliable home cleaning agents, and a good mind presence will ensure your earphones last longer than you can imagine. The durability and sound quality of earphones will deteriorate if they are not cared for.

Another point we want you to note before going ahead to show you the steps we want to show you is all earphones are built to last long. This is the best way they can serve their purpose to you, and this means even a cheap quality earphone should last long too. Take a look at the steps below required when taking care of earphones.

Steps To Take When Caring For Earphones

How To Keep Earphones In Good Condition

Clean Earbuds

Taking out time to clean your earbuds is one of the simplest things you can do to take care of them, and a clean towel is all that is required to get this done. If there is dirt residing deep inside the earbud then you can try making use of a toothpick to get them out, and this is because dead skin cells and dirt can cause earbuds to break down.

If there is accumulated dust on the wires of the earphone then you can wipe it clean as well.

Make Use Of A Protected Case For Storage

Store your earphone in a protective case after storing them, and rolling the wire in a loose coil is the easiest way you can roll it up without causing any damage.

Unplug Earphone After Use

Do not leave your earphones plugged in after use as it is capable of resulting into early damage. A tangled cord or pulling the cord out mistakenly can also result in a damage or cause the copper wires inside of the earphone to get broken. Unplugging after use is the easiest way you can keep the audio connector protected, while the area connecting the cord and jack needs to be protected as well.

Do Not Pull Cable But Pull The Plug Out

It is wrong to pull or tug the cable or cord of your earphone if you want to unplug it from any device, but the right place to pull is the plug of the earphone. Pulling the cord or cable is going to cause some damages and stress on the connector, eventually causing the earphones to get damaged.

Do Not Play At Very High Volumes

Your earphone is going to get damaged if you play music at very high volumes, but so many people are yet to figure this out. Using earphones at very loud volumes might cause the speaker to get blown, and this also causes the sound quality to drop over time.

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Avoid Sleeping With Earphones Plugged In Or Around You

Keeping your earphones close to you or on you when you sleep might cause them to snap, so what you must do when you want to lie down is roll the earphone the proper way and keep it somewhere you can’t lie on it when sleeping. It is safer that way.

Avoid Sharing With People

You might contact some ear diseases when you keep sharing earphones with people, and do not forget that the purpose behind making an earphone is for you to listen privately. This means that the earphone is designed for personal and private use, and not for sharing with anyone you meet. This can help them last for a long time.

Keep Them Dry

Water is one of the factors that causes earphones to get damaged with ease, and you should note that not all earphones come with a water resistant design. Most earphones do not have this design, so exposing earphones to water is like exposing them to early damage. This is why keeping earphones dry at all times is necessary.

Shop For The Right Product

The fact remains that you will get what you pay for, and you should know that most inexpensive earphones around you are not going to last long. This is because they lack the quality and durability, so try investing in a quality earphone and you will not have to visit the store sooner to shop for another one.


You can see from this post that taking care of earphones isn’t as difficult as you must have presumed it to be, but neglecting your earphone is the easiest way to get them damaged. Practice all of the steps we have talked about in this post and you will see your earphones lasting longer than you ever imagined.

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