How To Install Car Speakers

Whether you want to get a professional to install your car speakers, or you are considering doing it yourself, trust this interesting post which will show you simple and easy steps on how to install car speakers. The fact about factory or stock speakers is that they do not sound so pleasant to the ears, and this becomes very obvious if you are a fan of listening to good quality audio sounds. There are several things that can put you off about a car speaker.

Maybe the car speaker sounds a little bit good, but the kind of loudness and clarity you want isn’t what its offering. Another fact about car speakers is they tend to have a low frequency range, making it impossible for you to listen to your favorite high frequency range. If you are a lover of booming bass sound then you shouldn’t expect such from your factory car speaker. You will be disappointed with the quality of sound your car factory speaker produces.

Imagine driving out with your friends and you car keeps producing distorted and cracking sounds? I bet you will feel very embarrassed right? This is why so many people are constantly being pushed to take away the factory speakers their cars come with. If you find yourself in the same spot, and you seek help on how to install car speaker then this is the right page with all the answers you need.

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There are so many reasons why car owners go for aftermarket car speakers, and the fact that aftermarket car speakers covers a high frequency range makes them the best option for use in cars. Depending on your car audio needs, you will have an idea on what car speaker you should go for, and aftermarket speakers also provides users with the option of combining subwoofers and tweeters for a full range sound performance.

The type of audio sound quality you get from a car factory speaker is limiting, and this is why installing aftermarket car speaker is one of the best decisions you will make as a car owner. However, you might be considering taking your car to a place where the speakers can be installed for you. Doing that might cost you to part ways with some cash from your wallet, and that comes after you have spent a reasonable amount of money shopping for speakers.

Well, it doesn’t have to end that way as this post will provide you with useful information and tips on how to install car speakers yourself. This might sound a little bit challenging if it is your first time, but all that you would need to install car speakers is just some tools and the knowledge you will get from this post. At the end of this post, we are sure that you would not find installing a car speaker challenging anymore, so continue reading this article with us.

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How To Install Car Speakers

What Tools Do You Need

One aspect about do it yourself jobs is having the right tools makes every chore or task super easy, and the same applies when you want to install car speakers. The tools required for car speaker installation can be easily shopped for at local stores, and they are very inexpensive so you do not have to worry about how much you will spend on getting these tools. Surprisingly, some of these tools might be available in your home, so check them out below;

  • Torx driver
  • Allen wrench
  • Screwdriver set
  • Electrical tape
  • Electrical drill
  • File
  • Socket wrench set
  • Allen wrench set
  • Panel removal tool
  • Soldering kit
  • Hobby knife
  • Retaining clip remover
  • Crimping tool
  • Wire cutter
  • Temporary marker pen
  • Cable ties

Precaution measures also needs to be taken before you start installing car speakers, and the first thing you must do is disconnecting the car battery. This is because all speaker connections in your car might be directly linked to the car battery, so disconnecting the car speaker is essential to avoiding injuries or damages.

How To Install Car Speakers

How To Install Car Speakers

The door remains the best location to install car speakers, and this is why door speakers are the best options when shopping for car speakers. On the other hand, door speakers do not take too much stress during installation, so check out steps on installing car speakers on doors.

Take Away The Factory Speaker

The first thing to do before installing new speakers is to remove the old factory speakers, and this can be achieved by taking away the fittings and screws holding the speakers in place. Take caution when removing factory speakers as they might be connected to a wiring assembly, because you might need that wiring assembly when connecting the new speaker. In other cases, the speaker might be mounted using a foam, so you have to cut out the foam.

Connecting The Wiring Assembly

After removing stock speakers from the wiring assembly, the next step to take involves attaching the wiring assembly to the new speakers. When connecting the speakers to the wiring assembly, ensure that each speaker is properly connected to the right polarity. If there is no wiring assembly then you have to consider soldering the wire to the terminals on the speaker.

Put The New Speakers In Place

After confirming you have attached the wires to the right polarity, you can put back the speaker in the speaker hole and screw it to stay in place. After doing this, put the speaker grilled back in place, and you can repeat this same procedure for any other doors you would want to install car speakers.

From the beginning of this post, we emphasized how easy it is to install car speakers, and you can see for a fact that that statement wasn’t a lie. Installing matching speakers is always a straightforward and simple process, but you might have to remove the door panel if you want to install car speakers that do not match with the size of the existing speaker hole. There are matching speakers you have to remove the door panel before installation as well.

Installing Car Speakers At The Dashboard

Interestingly, another place you can install car speakers is at the dashboard. There are car speakers that come with dashboard speakers, so it is necessary that you get a speaker which has the same size as that of your dashboard speaker. Detaching the grilles first is the first step to take when you want to install new dashboard speakers, and this makes it easy for you to remove the speakers in the dashboard.

Friction fittings and screws are used in holding dashboard speakers in place, so it is very essential that you take caution when trying to remove these speakers. A panel removal tool can be used in taking away pry fittings and screws which tends to hold the grille in place, but you should be careful so you don’t get to crack or scratch the dashboard. Make sure polarities are connected after you have detached old speakers, and installed the new one.

Depending on the existing setting or the type of setup you want, you can consider soldering or crimping the wire, but make sure you test the speakers before screwing everything back in place. Doing this will help ensure that you got the installation right, and everything is functioning as it ought to.

Final Thoughts – How To Install Car Speakers

Now you can see that you do not have to pay anyone to install car speakers for you, and the places we have mentioned in this post are the best places you can position speakers in your car. All that you need to do is have the right tools and be careful when taking out and installing speakers. Finally, remember to test out what you have done before finally sealing and screwing everything in place.

With these steps and tips that we have provided you with in this post, you would no longer see installing car speakers as a challenging task.

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