How To Hookup And Install Amp Without RCA Jacks

One reason why you might be reading this post is because your old head unit doesn’t come with an RCA jack, and maybe you are searching for ways to connect your car amplifier to your car sound system. If the reason why you are reading this page is to find out suitable ways on how to hookup and install amp without rca jacks then you have found the right page with the answers you need. It can be complex when installing car amplifiers.

However, it is going to get more complicating if you want to install a car amplifier and there is no rca jack, but this is exactly what this post is going to address today. The fact that an old head unit doesn’t come with an rca jack doesn’t mean it can no longer serve any purpose, but we all know that installing car amplifiers remains one of the best ways you can improve your sound quality when listening to your favorite songs in your car.

You can make use of car amplifiers whether you are dealing with a car speaker or a subwoofer, but there are couple of methods you can try out when it comes to installing or hooking up a car amplifier to your car’s sound system. The success of doing this greatly relies on what equipment you are making use of, and it is also dependent on the type of connection available at the moment. There is something you must note before installing an amplifier.

One of the things you must note when installing an amplifier is the amplifier must have speaker connection and also accepts line connection. Another thing you need to check or put in place is if the RMS power the amplifier comes with is little or closer compared to the RMS power the speaker comes with. If the amplifier’s RMS is higher than the speaker’s RMS then the speaker is already exposed to early damage.

If you are new to speakers and amplifier, you might not be wondering what an RMS means. This is completely okay if you are still new to the world of speakers and subwoofers, and RMS implies the root mean square of a speaker. What does root mean square mean? I’m sure that is the question you have racing through your mind right now, and it basically talks about the power at which a speaker or amplifier can function.

One mistake people make often is confusing peak power for root mean square, but what peak power implies is the highest power a speaker or amplifier can get to or attain. The peak power of a speaker or amplifier also refers to the power which these devices cannot function with for a very long time, and if you have a very good understanding of what power an amplifier carries then you will be having thoughts of how to get the best out of it.

One of the first things you must know on how to get the best out of an amplifier is where to position it, and this is one aspect of an amplifier we want to talk about next in this detailed post. Come along with us.

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How To Hookup And Install Amp Without RCA Jacks

How To Hookup And Install Amp Without RCA Jacks

Positioning your car amplifier is one of the things you ought to learn how to do if you want it to perform at its best, and there are couple of places you can position your amplifier in your car for it to function really well. Places you can position your amplifier includes behind the seats, in between seats, at the sidewall, and behind a subwoofer box, but there is something you need to note when positioning amplifiers.

You need to make sure you are not positioning your amplifier close to a loose item as there is a tendency that it might cause damage to your amplifier, and you can also consider positioning your car amplifier in the trunk of your car. This might be a bit difficult if there is luggage inside of your car trunk, and positioning your amplifier where it will be exposed to air is also crucial. The reason for this is for the amplifier to cool off when it is functioning. It needs it.

Now that you have learnt the core basics of an amplifier, let us show you steps to take when hooking up an amplifier without rca jacks.

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How To Hookup And Install Amp Without RCA Jacks

Connecting Your Speaker Wire To An RCA Adapter

This is the first step anyone can take when trying to hookup an amp without an rca jack, and this method makes sure you add your amplifier to the sound system setup of your car. Your car;s sound system will be provided with a bass boost when you make use of this method, and the sounds it will generate will definitely be loud and clear. Some people are not aware of the possibility of connecting an amplifier to their car audio setup.

You will need to make use of two RCA plugs when doing this, and wires from the speaker can be directly connected to the RCA plugs.

Using High Level Amplifier Inputs

Speaker level inputs or high level amplifier inputs, the amount of voltage you will find in this input is higher to that of an RCA input. Offering clear and amazing sound quality is what this method offers, and installing an amplifier in your car using this method requires you to run the red power wire from the amplifier you want to install to your vehicle’s firewall.

Making Use Of A Line Output Converter

Making use of a line output converter is the final step we want to talk about, and the line output converter you should consider making use of is the one that comes with a two channel design or a mono channel design. However, this is the best method anyone can consider making use of as it has constantly proved to be very effective, but looking out for leads that connects the factory radio and amplifier is very essential. Where can you find these leads?

This leads can be found right behind the head unit, and you will need to make use of the stripper wire to cut out insulation from the wires. This is the only way possible for you to connect the left line output converter to the left speaker channel, and the same approach can be used when dealing with the right line output converter.

Now that you have seen all the steps involved when it comes to Hooking up And Installing Amp Without RCA Jacks, and you can bank on all of these methods as they have proved to be efficient over the years. It is a known fact that adding an amplifier to your car sound system will improve the sound quality of your car, and any of the methods we have mentioned here will help you add an amplifier to your car audio system without using RCA jacks.

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