How To Fix Earphones One Side Is Quieter

Listening to music that isn’t balanced on both ears can be very exasperating for anyone, and nobody will be pleased with listening to music loudly on one earphone while the other isn’t loud. This situation will make your listening experience unpleasant, and it has caused you to start looking for how to fix earphones one side is quieter.

Nobody will be happy making use of an earphone where one side is quiet and the other is loud, and finding the proper way to fix this problem remains the right thing to do. If you don’t find a solution then you are going to wear your auditory nerves out, because they are getting sounds that are not balanced.

This is one of the most common problems anyone will experience when making use of earphones, and this simply means that one side of the earphone is tends to sound louder than the other ear. Whatever way you decide to analyze this situation, what matters is ensuring that the sounds you are getting at both ears are well balanced.

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Discarding away the earphone when we realize it has this problem is what most people will love to do, and people just make up their mind and get a new earphone. This is a very popular solution anyone would go for, but it is not totally the right one. Instead of purchasing a new earphone, how about fixing the problem itself. It could be anything.

Most people are of the opinion that it might be impossible to balance sounds in earphones, but knowing the right steps to take will help you find a remedy to this situation. This is why we have decided to bring you this post so you would know what next to take when you find yourself in this spot.

Ignoring sounds that are not balanced in your earphones isn’t as easy as most people think, as you would always feel like you are not getting the real sound quality you want. Trust me when i say this can be really frustrating for anyone that finds themself in this spot. Do you think your earphones must have been broken at one side?

Do you think you need to fix this situation immediately? Most people think that the earphone might be the problem when they notice sounds that are not balanced in the earphone, but this might end up being wrong at the end of the day. This problem could also be a problem with the device.

Do not throw away the earphones yet, as it is the right thing for you to do at this point. This post comes with some methods that will help you in dealing with this problem. The methods we want to show you have worked for several people over the years, and we are sure that it can also work for you.

Without taking much of your time, we want you to show what the problem could be and how to go about it.

How To Fix Earphones One Side Is Quieter

How To Fix Earphones One Side Is Quieter


Audio Mixing Issues

Just because the sounds you are getting are not balanced isn’t enough reason for you to discard your earphones, and this is because it might not be a problem with your earphone. The earphones sound engineers, music producers, and other people use in making music has one side that is quieter than the other.

The reason for this is because every sound engineer would want to listen to every sound detailed and clearly. What this means is the quiet side might help with listening to vocals while the louder sounds might help in listening to beats. Another device can be used when listening to audio files if you make use of regular earphones.

This shows it might not be a problem with the earphones, but it might be a problem with the video or audio source.

Audio Signal Problems And Loss

Good sounds can be gotten at one where while bad sounds can be heard at the other ear when making use of some earphones. Dealing with a long earphone cable tends to cause signal loss issues, and this is based on the fact that the signals tend to travel a long way, therefore resulting in a higher signal resistance.

The problem if audio signal loss is also present when listening to music on a portable music player that makes use of a line remote. You can get the best signals only when the line remote is disconnected from the audio player.

Connectivity Problems

When you are faced with issues of connectivity issues, you are likely to get sounds that are not balanced on your earphones. Earphones can easily be disconnected from the audio source, and this causes you to hear sounds louder in one ear and quiet in another ear.

When you are faced with pairing issues, you are also likely to face the same problem of listening to sounds that are not balanced on both ears of the earphone. You will find this problem in wireless headset devices like earbuds, airpods, wireless headsets, and Bluetooth headphones.

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Dirty Earbuds

Earbuds tend to come in close contact with the ears, and this causes dirt to easily find their way to the earbuds. When dirt fill up the speaker grid, it is impossible for you to get balanced sounds from the headphone as everywhere must have been clogged by the dirt.

Cleaning the earbuds properly is the right thing for you to do when it is filled with dirt, and you will need to make use of a cotton tip applicator or cotton bud when doing this. When cleaning your earbuds, it is also a good time for you to inspect for wire tears, breaks, and frays.

Ear Problems

You are not going to get balanced sounds if you have problems with hearing, so what you must do is check if you have issues with hearing before concluding that your earphone is faulty. Failing to confirm this means you will continue shopping for earphone from time to time, so ensure you get your ear checked by a doctor today.

Final Note

Now, you will know the right steps to take since we have been able to show you several causes why you will keep getting sounds that are not balanced from your earphones. We will also be looking forward to your thoughts and comments in the comment section.

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