How To Fix A Blown Speaker

It doesn’t matter whether you are making use of a car speaker, amplifier speaker, television speaker, or even a computer speaker, the fact is you are going to be deeply pained when this speaker eventually blows up. You need a good speaker to listen to music, but blown speakers is inevitable sometimes. This is why you should know the right steps to take regarding how to fix a blow speaker, or you will keep on buying speakers.

When talks about music are being held, quality is the first factor that must come first. Dealing with problematic speakers has become a common thing nowadays, and you are likely to end up with a low quality speaker which might get blown sooner than you think. This is why people need to pay attention to quality when shopping for speakers.

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How To Fix A Blown Speaker

How To Fix A Blown Speaker

Settling for a low quality speaker means you are likely to face speaker problems from time to time, and dealing with blow speakers is going to be one of the problems you are likely to face. This doesn’t mean high quality speakers do not get blown, but you have nothing to worry about as this post will show you how to fix a blown speaker.

Before going ahead to fix a blown speaker, you need to be aware of the cause. Knowing what caused a speaker or causes a speaker to get blown is essential to figuring out how to fix the speaker. Before going ahead to talk to you about the steps involved in fixing a blown speaker, let us talk to you about what a blown speaker is.

What Is A Blown Speaker?

One fact about blown speakers is they do not function the same way a problematic speaker functions, but blown speakers can be easily identified by the problematic sounds they deliver. There are cases where a blown speaker gets to produce no sound at all, and there are times where blown speakers keep function at a peak level.

This explains why there are certain issues that pop up on your speaker and you can easily identify the problem as the speaker acting like a blown speaker. These issues are;

  • Distortion
  • No sound
  • Physically torn parts

You will also notice that these issues tends to get worse as time passes, and one example is thinking that a change a sound is not a big deal. The sad part about a change in sound is how it moves from a slight change in sound to you not getting any sound from the speaker at all.

Another reason why you might not be getting any sounds from your speaker might be as a result of an electrical problem. Dealing with blown speakers means knowing the cause, so let us show you what situations might lead to you having a blown speaker on your hands.

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Causes Of A Blown Speaker

A speaker that looks or sound blown should have a sort of explanation behind it, and this explains why figuring out the problem is very important. Regular expose of a speaker to electrical supply in excess might cause it to get blown, and a speaker can also get blown when it is also being used.

All speakers designed today are built to function without exceeding their capacity, and this explains why it is very important that a speaker is paired with other compatible devices. It is also crucial that you check speakers intensity via a rough procedure, but have it in mind that these problems are part of the technical nature of a speaker.

This explains why blown speakers are so common nowadays, and you are likely to experience it at some point in your life if you haven’t experience it already. The significant reason behind a blown speaker is listed below;

  • Source of material or power
  • Amplification
  • Volume exceeds its expected level

Steps In Fixing A Blown Speaker

How To Fix A Blown Speaker

There are couple of steps that can be taken when fixing a blow speaker, but these steps we want to show you are the most effective. Check them out right away;

Step One – Make use of the equalizer in determining which speaker has the issue, and you can check the balance of every speaker when you apply the speaker on the stereo system. Ensure that speaker volume is very low so more damage isn’t done to the speaker.

Step Two – Disconnect the speaker with the problem after you have discovered it, and you can make use of a screwdriver if the speaker comes with a metal plate. Ensure this is done gently if there is a fabric, but avoid tearing up the cloth while doing this.

Step Three – Inspect the speaker cone if there is an available tear on it, and a tape or glue can be used in repairing this tear if there is one present on it. The entire hole or tear on the cone should be covered in tape or glue, and do not forget to apply the adhering material to the speaker cone.

Step Four – The voice coil is yet another part of the speaker you need to inspect, and there is a possibility the voice coil might have melted. You have a big problem to deal with if this happens as damaged voice coils ensures that sounds are no longer produced by this speaker. The next steps to take is to repair the voice coil.

Step Five – The right speaker replacement parts should be exactly what you get when you go out to shop for a replacement, and the best and safe way to get this done is placing an order through the manufacturers website. Make sure you check the parts number on any parts before going ahead to place the order.

Step Six – Checking the damaged speaker parts is something that you should also do, because it enables you to replace all damaged parts with the right replacement parts. Getting rid of damaged parts and replacing them with good ones is very easy, but there are some speaker parts that might require a little bit of soldering.

Step Seven – The speaker should be placed back inside the stereo system so it can be properly inspected by checking the volume or sound quality at a very reduced volume. If you face the same problem then you need to check the replacement parts as well, and reach out to a professional who can come check it out for you.

Rounding Up

You can tell from everything we have discussed so far in this post that repairing blown speakers isn’t a tedious task, but what you need to do is finding the right step for fixing a blown speaker. The right steps are what we have showed you in this post, so go ahead and try them out today when the need arises.

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