How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

When it comes to connecting more than one bluetooth speaker to an iPhone, the entire process can be very tricky. The truth is you can still be successful when doing, but only when you read this post on how to connect  two bluetooth speakers to iPhone. The purpose of bringing you this article is to make sure you do this with ease.

Furthermore, following everything we will be talking about in this post will also ensure that you do not encounter much difficulties when trying to run this connection, so we are officially welcoming you to this post on how to connect two Bluetooth speakers to iPhone. There are several ideas in your mind when you attend a party.

Maybe you are just there to get the entire groovy experience, or you just want to move your body and nod your head to the music. This can be achieved when you listen to the music that is being played, and using just one speaker for a party like this might not present you with the type of experience you are looking forward to. Why do I say this?

It is simply because making use of just one speaker will not provide you with the sound experience required to fill up every space, especially if the guests are larger in number. This tells you making use of just one speaker can be very limiting, but you do not have to be discouraged by this as there is always another way out.

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How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone

Not delivering the sort of power and amplitude you want is what we mean by using just one speaker could be limiting, and trust me when i say making use of a low power or amplitude would not be sufficient to keep a party going. This leaves you wondering, how can you turn up power and amplitude to make the party more lively.

This is where you can now introduce the second bluetooth speaker, and trust this second speaker to turn things up some more. It is not a joke when you read or hear things like connecting two speakers to an iPhone can greatly improve sound, but learning how to connect more than one speaker to an iPhone is all that really matters.

There are people who do not believe running such a connection is possible, but what we have to tell you is to not forget the fact that technology has improved greatly over the years. There are so many things that can be achieved with ease today that we couldn’t imagine the possibility of it working some years ago.

Connecting two bluetooth speakers to boost sounds is one of the easiest options anybody can opt for, and this sort of connection can be used for several parties. This means it can be used either outdoors or indoors, but everything also comes down to how loud you want your music to be. This sort of connection is also ideal for watching movies.

This tells you you do not have to do this alone when listening to music, or when you are having a party, but one thing that might leave you discouraged is the fact that bluetooth speakers today tend to be different from one another. This tells you that you might require a little bit of effort to get this connection up and running.

Well, you would not have to struggle with achieving this on your own as this post i have brought to you is going to offer you all the help that you need.

What Items Would You Need For This Connection?

We will be showing you a list of what you will need if you are looking forward to connecting two bluetooth speakers, two megaboom speakers, or two homepod speakers.

  • iPhone 6 iOS or any other higher iOS version
  • Two bluetooth speakers that are compatible, in built audio cable ports, and third party support applications
  • Wireless router to ensure paired devices communicate with us

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Steps In Connecting Two Bluetooth Speakers To Iphone

How To Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers To iPhone


There are so many steps you can find when trying to do this, but what matters is finding out a procedure that will work for you. This is why you have this post to show you the best method you can take.

Step One – Enter the settings option on your mobile device, and make sure the bluetooth option is set to discoverable. Make sure the device has the latest iOS version installed inside it, but do not panic when you find a different display on another device, It happens like this on many iPhone devices.

Step Two – Turn on your bluetooth speakers, and make sure they are visible to nearby devices as well. This is a short and simple process that will not take more than two minutes

Step Three – You are going to see the bluetooth speakers on the list of visible bluetooth on your mobile device, and you are going to connect with them by following whatever instruction that pops up. You might be required to input a passcode, and make sure you do not pause when connecting with these speakers till the process is complete.

Step Four – You should repeat the steps carried out in step three on the additional speaker you want to connect to the mobile device, and you can avoid pairing both speakers individually. You can take one off and connect the one as it is also another alternative you can take.

Step Five – Switch away from the multiple speaker mode to the single speaker mode, and you can do this by removing extra devices found on the list in your settings. You can reconnect them again with ease, and you won’t encounter any problem when doing this.

These are the simple steps involved, but there are other methods you can try out. Check them out below;

Using Audio Cables

If the wireless connection option doesn’t work for you then you can run the connection using audio cables. The Ankers brand is one that can be trusted for this sort of connection, and the Ankers audio cable boasts of several sizes that can be suitable for use in different rooms.

Direct Connection

Another option you can follow is by connecting the mobile device and speakers directly, but a lightning cable and audio adapter is required for this to work. An audio or USB port can also be used in this method, and you can also make use of the bluetooth option if you have the option available to you.

Final Note

After showing you all the steps and methods involved, you should no longer face challenges when trying to connect an iPhone and two bluetooth speakers. Everything discussed in this post will make the entire process very easy for you, so give these steps a try today.

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