How To Connect Subwoofer To Receiver

Anyone who is seeking out ways to get the best possible sound experience should know how to connect subwoofer to receiver as doing this promises improving your listening pleasure greatly.

Music highs and low will be missing if there is no subwoofer or receiver, and you are going to get crisper notes and deeper bass sounds when you end up connecting a subwoofer to a receiver. The result of this connection is also an enriching and detailed sound experience. I am sure you want this too.

A speaker designed to produce lower frequency and bass sounds is what a subwoofer is designed to do, and you can also count on a subwoofer to provide you with the much needed effect required when watching a movie or listening to your favorite playlist.

This is why the subwoofer is considered as one of the most essential part of a sound system. However, there are two types of subwoofers available today.

These are the passive and the active subwoofers, and the active subwoofers can also be referred to as powered subwoofers. Passive subwoofers on the other hand can be referred to as non-powered subwoofers, and the powered subwoofers are common ones that can be connected with the help of an RCA jack.

You will find the non-powered subwoofers right inside bass enclosures, and you can connect them directly either to a passive crossover or to a speaker terminal. The non-powered subwoofers are the ones that are not as common as the powered subwoofers.

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How To Connect Subwoofer To Receiver

how to connect subwoofer to receiver

There are two simple steps you can follow when you want to connect a subwoofer to a receiver. These steps are discussed below;

Using The LFE Subwoofer Output             

If a receiver’s output comes with a low frequency effect cable then it can be used in connecting a subwoofer to a receiver. Interestingly, this is the method that most prefer, and you are going to find this input mostly in home theater processors and receivers.

This input can also be found in stereo receivers, but we want you to note that LFE implies a specific output on a subwoofer. It could be written as LFE or SUBWOOFER.

You are likely to find the 5.1 audio channel on cable TV and DVD’s, and the 5.1 audio channel comes with a specific channel for bass only which can be easily reproduced by a subwoofer.

This can be achieved through connecting the amplifier or receiver’s LFE with a subwoofer’s LINE IN jack. It sometimes comes as a cable with RCA connectors on both ends.

Using RCA Or Speaker Level Outputs               

The use of RCA outputs is what you should turn to if there is no LFE input on your subwoofer. Stereo RCA connectors can be used for subwoofers, so you will need to make use of RCA cable in connecting the subwoofer and the receiver, only if both devices have the RCA outputs.

There are left and right ports on RCA cables, and these ports needs to be matched on the subwoofer and on the receiver.

You can also make use of Y-connectors for the same purpose of connecting a subwoofer to a receiver. You can also turn to line level converters if you are dealing with a subwoofer that comes with more than one or one RCA outputs. They also make sure that you find it easy when connecting a subwoofer to a receiver.

These are the steps involved when it comes to connecting a subwoofer to a receiver, and you can see how easy they are to carry out.

The next question on your mind will be how does subwoofers produce the bass sounds that people are so in love with.

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How Subwoofers Produce Bass Sounds

Placing subwoofers inside an enclosure specially designed for them is the first step to note when it comes to working with a subwoofer, and they are designed to produce deep bass sounds when music with low end sounds are being played.

Connecting a subwoofer with a signal without a crossover can be very difficult, while the output jack on a receiver’s subwoofer has limits when it comes to passing bass.

There are popular terms you need to be familiar with when working with a subwoofer and a receiver, and a line level converter is one of such term. Do you know what line level converters are? If this is your first time hearing about a line level converter then you might not know what a line converter is. Check out what line converters are below;

Devices that accept speaker wire connections is what a line level converter is designed to do, and they are good at lowering speaker signal to low level signals, making it simple for a subwoofer to receive this signal.

Line level converters are very essential inside of car stereos, and this is because they do not require the use of RCA inputs in connecting an amplifier and a stereo together.

Below are reasons why you need to make use of a subwoofer;

  • It provides you with a better movie experience
  • It makes gaming fun and enjoyable
  • It provides you with a better music sound experience

Connecting a subwoofer is usually easy based on the fact that it only has two cords for you to deal with. These cords are for audio input and for power, and you are likely to spend a good amount of time adjusting and positioning these cords so your subwoofer can provide you with the best sound performance that you seek.


All of the steps mentioned here are the steps you have to take when it comes to connecting a subwoofer to receiver, and everything we have discussed about these steps shows that they are things you can get done on your own.

You do not need the help of a professional or outsider to get it done as these are simple and basic steps you can do on your own. You can tell us your thoughts and opinions in our comment section.

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