How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

Everyone is likely to be familiar with the PS4 games, and this is one gaming console that offers players a fantastic playing experience. However, it is more fun combining the PS4 and external speakers, but you need to learn how to connect speakers to PS4 slim. This is what we will be talking about in this post today, so keep reading this post.

Every avid gamer out there is going to fall in love with the PS4 gaming console, but one of the downsides that it has is the fact that it doesn’t come with a digital audio output. You can only get sounds when you make use of an RCA cable or AV cable, and this simply means that it doesn’t necessarily need to have an audio port design.

The PS3 has a different design as it comes with an audio port design, but there is a possibility that the sound experience you get when playing the PS3 might be or not be what you really want. Not getting the sounds you want is one of the complaints every gamer would have when gaming, but have it in mind that all hope isn’t lost yet.

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How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

You might be considered how sounds can be improved when playing games on your PS4, but you should believe that there are other ways you can go about this. Every gamer out there will breathe a huge sigh of relief at the end of this post as you will learn simple ways you can get quality sounds when gaming on your PS4.

Advantages Of Playing Video Games

You are going to enjoy so much fun when you play video games, and gaming is one the exercises you can engage in if you want your body to relax. However, there are several other benefits that comes with gaming rather than just relaxing and having fun, and not everyone is aware of the benefits we will be showing you about gaming.

You end up building problem solving and spatial skills when you engage in playing video games, and this is because you always try to find a way to win when you play video games. This also shows you that playing video games is one of the easiest ways you can enhance your creative skills, and you can also connect with other gamers online.

Connecting with other gamers online is a way of improving your social connection skills, and you can see that there are several benefits that comes with playing video games. Everyday, there is an increase in the demand of video games, and people are constantly demanding for PS4 video games everyday.

You can see that everyone wants to get a piece of playing the PS4 video games, and this is because there are several features and options for everyone to select from that makes gaming for everyone fun and interesting. In terms of sound, all hope isn’t lost in getting the quality of sound you want. This is what we will be talking about next.

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How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

If you want to get the best sounds from your PS4 slim gaming console then you should consider connecting with a speaker. Doing this guarantees that you are going to get the best out of this, and it also means every time you spend gaming will not be a boring one. Without taking further from your time, let us show you the necessary steps to take.

Using Television Speakers

Most HDMI televisions today come with a HDMI audio port, and going for this option remains the most affordable and precise step anyone can take when trying to get high quality sounds from their gaming console. Also ensure that the speakers or audio system you want to connect is set as default audio output so the PS4 can connect with it.

Using A Gaming Controller Or Console In Connecting With Speakers

This step might not really be the best as there are some drawbacks that comes with carrying out this step, but you can try out this step and get some sounds instead of getting no sounds at all. You will need to make use f a 3.5mm aux cable, or there is an option of making use of a headphone with an audio jack.

Either of these cables can be found in tech or automotive stores, and below are the steps required when carrying out this step;

  • Both ends of the cable goes into the gaming console and the speaker’s audio in port
  • Ps4 should be turned on while the controller should be plugged in
  • Locate the settings on your PS4
  • The select devices option is at the bottom of the page
  • Click on output to headphones option which is also found at the bottom of the page, and the audio cable connection should be checked if you find it difficult to click the headphone option. Make sure it is rightly plugged
  • Click on all audio, and doing all of this guarantees that you will get sounds from your PS4 gaming console.

Sounds might not be crystal clear when you follow this step, but it is way better than sticking to just your television speaker.

How To Connect Speakers To PS4 Slim

Using Multi-Room Audio System

You will need to make use of an optical audio output when carrying out this step, but there is an alternative of using either RCA/AV cables or HDMI outputs. Distributing HDMI signals can be carried out using a HDMI splitter, and the HDMI input source guarantees offering sounds to the HDMI port itself.

Follow these steps when connecting a PS4 slim to external speakers using a HDMI splitter

  • The first cable should be used in connecting the PS4 to the audio extractor
  • Both ends of the second cable should go into the HDMI port and the audio extractor audio port
  • Use the audio cable in connecting the extractor and speaker, while the other end should be plugged inside of the audio output. The speaker cable should go inside the audio input

Frequently Asked Questions

Does PS4 Slim Overheat?

Yes, it is possible for the PS4 slim to overheat. This is possible when the fan stops functioning, and there is a tendency of this damaging the gaming consoles heat sink. Overheating can be disastrous, so it is best you avoid it at all cost.

What Ports Does The PS4 Slim Come With?

Two ports which are positioned at the right side in front of the console. No ports are positioned at the back, but the back comes with single ports like the HDMI, Ethernet, and Aux ports.

Wrapping It Up

This is everything there is to know concerning connecting a PS4 slim to external speakers, and we are hopeful that everything we have said will be of immense help to you. Making use of headphones directly with the gaming controller is another option you can try, but do not forget that using headphones for long tends to affect the ears.

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