How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

Music can mean several things to different people, and it has more meaning if you are a music lover. Maybe you are in love with the lyrics of a particular song or you have some knowledge on music production, but it is very important that you make use of a high quality subwoofer if you want to get the best out of the music you’re listening to.

There is a tendency that there is a special music genre you are in love with, and it is completely okay to be in love with one genre of music over the rest. When you do not make use of a high powered subwoofer, you are likely to run into some problems. These problems are not being able to get clear sounds from certain frequencies.

Getting rid of whatever pressure your sound system is dealing with is what a subwoofer is designed to do, because subwoofers are designed to offer sounds irrespective of the frequency. Not being able to listen to crystal clear drum and bass sounds can feel underwhelming for some people, and this is where a subwoofer comes in.

You can trust a subwoofer to provide you with that quality sound experience, and you sound system is guaranteed to function smoothly when it has a subwoofer to back it up. Offering topnotch sounds is what subwoofers are designed to do, and now you can see how important subwoofers are no matter the type of music you are listening to.

The good aspect of modern subwoofers is they come with inbuilt amplifiers, but there are some that do not come with these inbuilt subwoofers either. In this post, we will be talking to you about the steps you will have to take when you want to connect an amplifier to an old subwoofer, but this depends on how you intend making use of it.

You must have been impressed with the quality of sound you got when watching a movie or listening to music using a subwoofer, and trust subwoofers to provide you with that high quality sound performance when watching movies with gun fights and explosion scenes. This tells you how important subwoofers are in any sound system setup.

Combining amplifiers to old or new subwoofers, which do you think will deliver a better sound performance? People are of the opinion that combining a subwoofer with modern technology is going to result in the production of topnotch sounds, but this could also be complicating for so many people to comprehend.

The quality of sound you will get from a subwoofer can be influenced by several factors, and combining an amplifier with an old subwoofer is going to work. If you have an old subwoofer lying around the house then this post is just for you as it will show you how to connect an amplifier to an old subwoofer.

There is no guarantee that connecting an amplifier to an old subwoofer will offer the best in sound performance, but at the end of the day, taking this step might be worth it.

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How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer


How To Connect An Amplifier To An Old Subwoofer

Before going ahead to talk about the steps involved in connecting an amplifier to an old subwoofer, you should know that there are two types of subwoofers on the market. These are the active and passive subwoofers, and this tells you that steps you have to take when you want to connect a passive subwoofer isn’t the same with active subwoofer.

Furthermore, there are certain features that should be looked out for when you want to connect an amplifier to an old subwoofer. Being able to play main and remote speakers, high input level, and regular RCA ports are some of the important features you need to be on the look out for as they will make the connection process fast and simple.

Without wasting further time, here are the steps you have to follow when you want to connect a passive and active subwoofer to an amplifier.

Connecting Active Subwoofer To An Amplifier

  • Connecting a speaker is the first step to take and this is done by setting the regular speaker to the Port A on the amplifier. Make use of speaker wires when doing this
  • Step two involves connecting subwoofer high input levels to Port B
  • Everything has been put in place since you have carried out the first two steps perfectly, so you are good to go

You can see how short, precise, and detailed the steps are when it comes to connecting an active subwoofer to an amplifier. Below are the steps involved when connecting passive subwoofers to an amplifier.

Connecting Passive Subwoofer To An Amplifier

You will have to pass the port through connectors when connecting a passive subwoofer to an amplifier, so take a look at the steps involved below;

  • Connect the subwoofer to the amplifier with speaker cables, as it is the only way a stereo speaker will be able to receive amplifiers and subwoofers
  • Run a speaker cable from the subwoofer so you can be able to connect both speakers

That is all you have to do when you want to connect a passive subwoofer to an amplifier, and trust all of these steps that we have showed you to provide you with high fidelity sounds. Despite the two steps we have showed you, there is still another step you can take when you want to connect an amplifier to an old subwoofer.

This is considered as the general step which involves the use of RCA connectors, and using RCA connectors doesn’t matter if you are dealing with a passive or active subwoofer.

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Using RCA Connectors

As long as the amplifier you want to make use of has a subwoofer LFE output, trust this step to work one hundred percent. It is very simple for anyone to make use of RCA connectors as all it require is plugging the RCA cable into the Line-in on the subwoofer. Run this through the amplifier.

After running it through the amplifier, the RCA cable should go right into both channels on the subwoofer. This is dependent if the RCA cable can be divided into two, meaning the cable can function for both left and right channels.


Enjoying full range sound can be achieved only when you make use of a subwoofer, and every music lover should know this. You are going to feel vibrations at all frequencies when you make use of a subwoofer, and your sound experience will definitely be enhanced when you make use of a subwoofer.

Hearing and feeling every detail is guaranteed when making use of a subwoofer, so ensure you try out the steps we have discussed in this post when you want to connect an amplifier to an old subwoofer.

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