How To Clear Your Sinuses For Singing

Sinus congestion refers to a situation where the throat has a certain amount of fluid trapped inside of it, and anyone who has experience this situation or condition before knows how painful and discomforting it can get. There are times where you will like your entire throat is blocked, and this can pose as a threat for every singer. For all singers, how to clear your sinuses for singing is something you need to learn how to do.

If you are yet to figure out the right steps to take that will get rid of whatever it is that is trapped in your throat then today is your lucky day as these steps are what we will be looking at today. When struggling with sinus congestion, there are several home remedies you can consider trying out, but there are some over the counter pills that will offer you instant relief.

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Inhaling steam, putting a wet towel over the fact, and hydration are some common steps you can try out at home when dealing with a sinus congestion, but you need to know what the cause of sinus congestion is if you want to be able to get rid of it effectively. Sinus congestion happens as a result of bacteria and virus attacks, but it bacteria tends to attack the throat occasionally.

Recent studies have revealed some of the symptoms a person might feel when suffering from sinus congestion, and we are talking about symptoms like;

  • Blocked or running nose
  • Coughing
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Headaches

The purpose of bringing you this post is to show you some of the remedies you can try out at home when dealing with a sinus congestion, and it is very essential that you get rid of sinus congestion quickly if you are a singer as it has the ability to affect your voice. Remember your audience will not be pleased when you sound very different from how you use to.

This is why it is mandatory for singers to search for effective and simple steps that can help to deal with a sinus congestion. It is a common fact that anyone suffering from sinus congestion is going to feel very miserable, and knowing the right steps to take will ensure you do not put up with such feeling. There are simple steps to take when you want to eliminate sinus congestion from your throat.

However, the first thing you should note is what triggers this condition in your body. You will be provided with a reliable form of treatment if you can point out what causes the sinus congestion in your body. Health care professionals are of the opinion that not having an idea of what causes your sinus congestion is like chasing your tail.

The above statement speaks volume in the sense that you will keep suffering from the same congestion if you have no idea about what causes. On the other hand, infections and allergies can be a trigger for sinus congestion, and you will also struggle with sinus congestion if your nose and sinus has some structural issues.

Dealing with sinus congestion has its long term and short term solutions. What might work as a short term treatment for you might be a long term treatment for another person, so the best step remains finding what works for you and sticking to it.

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How To Clear Your Sinuses For Singing

How To Clear Your Sinuses For Singing

Nose Steaming

It is either you opt to inhale steam when bathing or inhale directly from a how bowl of water, but whatever option you choose from is going to provide relief for your sinus infection. Steam has proved to be very effective over the years, but you should know that the relief it offers isn’t long lasting. This is why you should find what triggers it. You can use steaming to buy your voice some time before going out to sing or for practice.

Salt Water Rinse

Certain elements from dust, pollution, and fragrances are capable of irritating the sinus, and making use of a salt water rinse will offer relief to your sinus congestion. You can get an over the counter saline spray or make use of a neti pot saline rinse, and any of these approaches have proved to be very effective over the years. This isn’t permanent.

Avoiding Smoke From Cigarette

Secondhand smoke and cigarette smoke are known to be popular causes of sinus congestion, and this theory is backed by several publications and posts over the years. One question a physician will ask anyone suffering from sinus congestion is if they smoke, and managing sinus congestion will be an unpleasant journey if you smoke.

Undergoing sinus congestion surgery and going back to smoke is going to affect your recovery rate, and you will be at a very high risk if you undergo several surgeries for sinus congestion.

Nasal Steroid Spray

Over the counter nasal steroid sprays works in reducing inflammation in your sinus, and this inflammation sometimes arise as a result of self-perpetuation. This is why health officers recommend people suffering from sinus congestion to get a nasal steroid spray, and antibiotics are also very effective solutions that break down sinus congestion.

It is okay to make use of nasal steroid and saline sprays, but note that making use of decongestants will only make the entire situation worse.

Controlling Your Allergies

Allergy medications will help in offering instant relief against sinus congestion, and allergies remains a common cause of sinus congestion like we stated at the beginning of this post. It is necessary that you find out what triggers your allergy, and this will help you to deal with them. Allergy medications ensures you do not suffer this condition again.


There will be inflammation if the mucus membrane will the sinus is congested, but staying hydrated properly gets rid of the inflammation in the mucus membrane. Taking in more fluids when suffering from a sinus congestion will help to deal with the situation, and keeping a bottle of water close to you will encourage you to drink water frequently.


After trying out all the methods we have discussed in this post and you still don’t feel better, it is time for you to consider undergoing surgery. Over the years, technology has advanced to the point where surgeries are now very fast, simple, and easy. Every surgical process is now safe and no longer lengthy, meaning you can go back to living your time in no time.

Having a deviated septum, wide turbinate, and cell blockage requires surgery to make every condition better. The aim of this surgery is to widen the nasal passage, and this process will make you less vulnerable to sinus congestion. There are questions from people who want to know if undergoing surgery for sinus congestion is safe, and the answer to that question is YES.

Wrapping It Up

You can see that there are several approaches you can try out when it comes to dealing with sinus congestion, and all of the options we have discussed in this post are very effective. If after trying out these steps and you do not get better then you should consider scheduling a doctor’s appointment, so you can be placed on better drugs or undergo surgery.

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