How Many Strings Does An Orchestra Harp Have?

When you take a look at the orchestra harp, how many strings does an orchestra harp have is the first question that comes to mind. You might also wonder when people started using orchestra harps, so we urge you to continue reading this post if you want answers to this question.

The truth about modern harps is they have a different look and feel compared to the harps that were used back in the past. What this means is that the designing and construction of harps have progressed over the years, and this tells you that the harp is designed to look and feel is upgraded and very different now.

Harps might have been in use for so many years, but one area where they were not used is the area of orchestra music. It was first used as a pedaling system, and this means the person playing the harp will find the harp easy to tune while playing this musical instrument. This means the harp can be converted into a full chromatic system.

However, you should know that the harp isn’t a loud musical instrument. This doesn’t mean the sounds produced by the harp do not have a high penetrating power, and this explains why you can find the harp mostly played in small sized orchestras. You can play two harps at large sized orchestras for them to be loud enough.

You will need to rely on the seven pedals the harp comes with when you want to change its 47 strings, and this is why the harp will find it easy to play chromatic notes. However, the player should allow the pedal enough time to make these changes before playing it, and this is another effective way to play the harp.

You will be impressed by the beauty of the harp when you carefully look at how it is designed, and producing beautiful sounds is what this instrument is designed to do. The harp is designed to come with 47 strings, and what makes this instrument unique is each string produces a unique pitch of its own.

Furthermore, you are going to experience so much tension buildup under the neck of the harp, but we won’t forget to mention that the harp is a member of the stringed instrument family. It has the shape of the number 7, and what surprises people the most about this instrument is how tall it is. All of its strings do not share the same length.

There are several interesting facts about the harp, and one of them is how you can end up tuning the harp the same way white keys on the piano are tuned. However, there are several harp designs on the market, and the good thing about these harps is they do not come with the same number of strings.

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How Many Strings Does An Orchestra Harp Have?

How Many Strings Does An Orchestra Harp Have?

Nobody might know the answer to the precise number of strings you can find on an orchestra harp, and this is simply because the answer isn’t definite. The harp you are using has its own number of strings, meaning all types of harp do not come with the same number of strings. Here are some of the harps you will find on the market today.

Lever Harp

The lever harp is the first type we will be talking about in this post, and the fact that it comes with levers on every string helped it earn its name. This is why playing different notes on a harp string is possible when playing the lever harp, and this harp is designed to have about thirty four strings which is the highest number you will find on a harp.

Playing the lever harp will require the use of your two hands, and this is very crucial if you are going to reach all of the harps strings and levers. Playing and adjusting notes on this harp might lead to you making some mistakes, and this explains why this harp is the best for beginners as it aids the learning process.

Pedal Harp

This is what people call the modern day harp today which comes with forty seven strings, but there are some Pedal Harps that come with forty six strings. The pedal and lever harp have other differences apart from the number of strings they come with like the number of pedals they come with.

The pedal harp comes with several pedals you can play with, while the lever harp only comes with two pedals for playing.

The Celtic Harp

The Celtic harp is the next harp we want to talk about, and this harp comes with thirty strings. The model you are going for will determine the number of strings it is going to come with, meaning you will find Celtic harp with thirty eight strings and twenty two strings.

Electric Harp

This is a lever harp designed to have an electric source, but some electric harps designed today tend to come with the pedal harp frame. This harp boasts of having a solid body construction, and it comes with about forty to forty seven strings like the pedal harp. You can see that both harps share some similarities.

Multi-Course Harp

The Multi-Course harp comes with several unique features like multiple row strings, and it comes with double string rows in some cases. This harp also comes with forty six strings, and you can also see that some of these harps are not so different from each other.

Lap Harp

The Lap harp is the last one we will be talking about in this post, and it is designed to be placed on the lap when playing it. Its name obviously comes from the way it is played, and the fact that it is small in size is the reason why it comes with about eighteen strings. However, other lap harps come with fifteen to twenty two strings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Heavy Is A Harp?

75 to 90 pounds is what a typical harp weighs, but this also depends on what type of harp you are dealing with since they do not share the same weight.

Are Harps Loud?

No, harps are not loud instruments. Despite not being loud, they still produce beautiful sounds, and these sounds can still penetrate.

How Tall Is A Harp?

25 to 76 inches is how tall a typical harp is, but this might be difficult to use for all harps considering the fact that they come in different shapes and sizes.


Now that you have found the answer regarding how many strings an orchestra harp comes with, you can begin you learning classes. We are hopeful that every piece of information we have given in this post is of use to everyone, so tell us your thoughts in the comment section. We are looking forward to it.

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