How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Piano

Are you getting better at playing the piano? How many hours a day should I practice piano? These questions and more is what this post will be discussing today, so stick around and continue reading this post.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn the piano while preparing to go to college, or you might be considering learning how to play the piano with the spare time you have at the end of the day’s work. But do you think you spend enough time practicing?

When it comes to how many hours a person needs to practice the piano daily, the answer is short, straightforward, and simple.

A person is expected to spend fifteen minutes learning how to play the piano, but when you look at the responses given by popular pianists, you will be very shocked at what most of them think. For example, At the age of five, Lang Lang spent six hours every day learning how to play the piano, and his father was in charge of his practice routine.

On the other hand, popular instrumentalist Chopin disclosed that practicing playing the piano for over two hours or more should be enough to last an entire summer period. No matter how long a person spends practicing, he must have total concentration, alertness, and attentiveness. All of these will make up for every practice session, making it effective.

In Chopin’s words, he described practicing for long hours as unintelligent and useless. He also described lengthy hours of practicing playing the piano as engaging in mechanical labor that would yield zero results.

It tells you that the number of hours you spend practicing isn’t as important as most people think. What you need to understand about practicing the piano is creating hour-based goals.

If you focus so much on how much time you spend practicing the bible, you might not be able to tell when you have spent enough time practicing because there will always be a zeal to want to continue.

When you search for how many hours a day I should practice piano for answers on the internet, you will get so many answers that will get you confused. However, you will not find the right answers if you fail to clarify your goals.

Not clarifying so many unanswered questions and goals will leave you with so many questions racing through your mind, and you might start having doubts about your practice routine.

One question you might struggle with is knowing if you have been practicing enough, if you want to start mentoring students, or if you want to teach students about piano in a college.

How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Piano

How Many Hours A Day Should I Practice Piano


Clarifying Piano Goals

One of the questions you will struggle with when finding out how much time you need to spend playing the piano is clarifying your piano goals. David Allen once said that the “WHY” question is one of the most intelligent questions any consultant has can ask.

He also said the ‘WHY’ question tells you that eight-year-old kids are the best consultants as they keep asking many ‘WHY’S.’

To make the above statement simple, asking the ‘WHY’ question helps obtain clarity regarding all of your piano goals. When you ask the WHY question, It will meet you with clarity and key motivation regarding what you have to do or what needs to be done.

Interestingly, a person might spend fifteen to thirty minutes practicing the piano compared to a person that spends hours practicing the piano. The irony of it all is the person who spent minutes practicing might end up being more productive than the person that has spent hours.

The reason mentioned in this post earlier is that it doesn’t matter how long a person spends practicing how to play the piano, but it is all about being alert, composed, focused, and attentive. So now that you have found a way to set and clarify your piano goals, let us move on to something else.

Working on how long you have to practice daily is the next step you have to work on, and spending about ten to twenty minutes allows you to read chords and improvise. Clarifying your goals will put you in a good spot to figure out how much time can be spent practicing the piano every day.

And you have a goal in mind but do not know how much time you have to spend practicing helps you sort of the basics of what effective practice looks like. The next step is how to practice playing the piano deliberately.

How To Deliberately Practice Playing The Piano

You will have concerns about what everyday piano practice looks like will be the next issue you have when you are done sorting and clarifying your goals. What you have to do at this point is to initiate purposeful and deliberate practice, and this can be divided into two different parts.

These two parts are expert advice and purposeful practice, and it is also okay to be taught how to practice the piano through a tutor. There are four components of purposeful practice: specific goals, immediate feedback, frequent discomfort, and intense focus.

Concept Of Joyful Practice

With less frustration, every instrumentalist and vocalist will enjoy their practice session. It also means you will experience more of breakthrough and less frustration but have you stopped for a moment to watch someone practice playing the piano.

Have you considered recording yourself while playing the piano? Have you taken out time to watch a group of students practices how to play the piano? You will notice two things when watching people play the piano, and trust me when I say they fall under mindless repetitions.

First, over the years, people have disclosed that deliberate practicing can be draining, and this is because it requires a lot of energy for a person to maintain attention with the task at hand. Second, practicing for more long hours every day might cause you to be very unproductive.

You also might not be mentally and emotionally ready for the stress it brings, and individuals dedicated to practicing how to play the piano will find it difficult to practice for four hours a day. It is possible to practice for four to eight hours and have minimal results.

There are crucial factors that will require you to be concentrated when practicing how to play the piano, and they are;

  • Doing smart work
  • Goals
  • Duration
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Timing

Expecting a beginner piano student to practice playing the piano for about thirty minutes is completely wrong based on the ideas and opinions of certain popular pianists.

The time for a beginner to practice playing the piano should be about ten minutes, and it is okay for you to know that you are not required to do too much when learning how to play the piano in the beginning weeks. Doing this might cause the hand to suffer burnout.

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