How Can I Make My Voice More Attractive

One of the easiest ways you can fall in love with an artist today is if the artist has a very attractive and smooth voice, and this is one of the advantages some artists have over other artists today. How can i make my voice more attractive is one question aspiring singers will always ask, and it tends to cross the mind from time to time.

Do not expect a singer with a nasal voice to sound pleasant like a singer that has an attractive voice, and this always leaving people struggling with selecting between two voices. It is okay to view the voice as a trait that either makes a person or breaks a person, and you can easily judge anyone just by listening to their voice.

Anyone new to singing should know that the way the voice sounds has to do with the lungs, diaphragm, and the voice box. There are other things that influences how the voice sounds, and these are factors like facial expression, posture, hormones, and moods. All of these have the ability to affect how the voice sounds.

How Can I Make My Voice More Attractive

How Can I Make My Voice More Attractive

There are statistics that proves you can tell a person’s weight, height, and age just by the sound of their voice, and we understand that this might sound funny to anyone who comes across it. There are singers not pleased with how their voices sounds, while others are constantly trying to find out ways they can improve their voice texture.

You actually will not be able to know where to start from unless you make a recording of your voice while singing, as it will throw more light on what you need to know. Regardless of what you are struggling with, what matters most is bringing out your recording device and trying out the following technique. Check them out below;

  • Ensure you speak while making use of your diaphragm
  • Find out your maximum resonance point
  • Make sure you clear your voice gently and softly
  • Resist punching through words
  • Try gaining control over your voice volume
  • Reduce your voice tempo
  • Find out the right time to pause or break
  • Practice smiling
  • Learn the art of standing upright

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If you want to make your voice sound very attractive, these are simple steps you need to take note of constantly. However, you should avoid smiling excessively when singing. People tend to overdo this and it ends up costing them their performance, but ensuring that you are relaxed when smiling will help you sound very attractive.

How To Make Voice Clear And Soft

It doesn’t matter whether you have been singing for years or you are just a beginner, but the fact still remains that you need to learn new stuffs relating to singing constantly. There are many courses you can take offline and online to help you get better at singing, and this is why we have decided to talk about how to make voice clear and soft.

Not every course online will tell you what to do regarding making the voice clear and soft, and this is why you have this post at your fingertip to show you the necessary thing to do so you can have a soft, clear, and a healthy voice.

The first step to take here remains identifying what the problem is, and you can find out by recording and listening to your voice. Two other things that you must also do is gaining control over your emotions when singing, and engaging in vocal warm ups before you start to sing. Staying hydrated and eating the right foods is the next step to follow.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is breathing the right way, and you should also learn how to take frequent breaks at intervals when singing. Speaking gently and maintaining a correct posture is also required when singing.

Can I Change My Voice

How Can I Make My Voice More Attractive

Commanding, soothing, and entertaining are things we use our voice for, but this can change depending on what you want to do with your voice at a particular point in time. Not sounding how you desire might end up affecting your level of confidence, and you should know that how you sound is as important as what you say.

Wanting to change the way your voice sounds shouldn’t wait till you have plans of winning the Grammy, and this tells you there are various reasons why you might want to change your voice asides music or singing. We will be leaving you with few tips that will show you what to do when you want to change your voice and how you sound.

  • Work with a voice coach
  • Look for a speech therapist you can work with

Furthermore, you can consider trying out surgical approaches if you are not okay with the first two suggestions we have made. These surgical approaches are;

  • Pitch lowering surgery
  • Voice feminization surgery
  • Laser cord tuning

On the other hand, you can also end up as your own vocal coach. This means you do not need anyone to tell you what to do as long as you know the right things to do. With respect to this, we will be showing you simple things you can practice on your own and without the help of a professional if you want to change how you sound.

  • Make a recording of your voice
  • Do some research on voice training
  • Make use of voice exercises in relaxing the voice
  • Throw out your voice sometimes
  • Practice singing or speaking with a voice you like

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Can You Deepen Your Voice

Deepening the voice will require you to engage in some vocal exercises, and you can also try singing with a song you know very well. Try humming deeply using your throat, and try to speak directly with your humming voice. Breath using your diaphragms, and take deep breaths to help you chest and shoulders rise.

Also, try lowering your pitch and keep your throat in a relaxed state as possible. Do all of these and experiment using words you can pronounce easily.


Which Voice Is More Attractive?

High pitched voices in women. This type of voice sounds attractive and younger, and women with this type of voice are considered to be sexy.

Can You Make Your Voice Sexier?

Yes. There are few tricks that can make the voice sound sexier, and speaking from your diaphragm is one of such tricks. Laughing with a deep belly also helps in making the voice sound sexier.


Sadly, we have come to the end in this post, and we hope that you have found answers to all the questions you have. Ensure that you try out every technique we have talked about, and tell us what worked for you in the comment section of this post.

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