Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

Trying to troubleshoot the problem behind why your windows 10 device cannot hear your headset is the right thing to do, and there are so many reasons why your windows 10 device will not hear your headset working. One of the points you should note is windows 10 devices has a system wide option with the ability to disable and turn off microphone, and headset mic not working windows is what this post is going to address today. Stick around.

Confirm Windows 10 Microphone Settings

Interestingly, the windows 10 setting comes with a setting that makes it possible to disable a microphone or headset, and disabling the webcam on a windows 10 devices means the headset or microphone will not function as well. Some people might be confused about our last statement, and this is because of the fact that the privacy setting on a windows device is only going to affect new apps in your device’s store under the general permission setting.

However, desktop applications are going to be affected by microphone and webcam settings, so heading to settings, privacy, and microphone will lead you to an option that states “access for microphone is on”. If the access has been turned off then you should switch it back on, and failure to turn this setting back on means the windows applications and several other applications will find it difficult to hear the headset that is connected to the device.

Turning on application to access microphone is the initial step you should go before going ahead to make the changes in the settings we last mentioned, and doing this will cause all other application on your device to hear your headset clearly when it is connected. If this settings remains turned off then every other application on your device will not hear your microphone talk when it is connected to the device.

Windows operating system on your laptop will secure access to your headset microphone, and one point you also need to look out for is if the microphone you intend working with is connected to the applications that have granted access to the microphone. You should consider turning it back on if the setting has been turned off, and you can see that there are several possibilities responsible for why your headset will not function on your windows 10 device.

Taking a look at the last possible situation we just finished talking about, the only applications that will show up there are new style applications. However, you will be unable to find or locate traditional apps listed on the windows 10 device, and why is this so? The reason for this is that traditional applications come with having access to a headset microphone, and you can find this turned on in the “allow application access microphone” option.

Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

Headset Mic Not Working Windows 10

Check If Microphone Is Disabled

Disabling microphone in several ways is something that can be done easily, and manufacturers have made it possible for you to disable your microphone settings either in the BIOS PC or UEFI settings. This is common for people working with an integrated microphone, but most of these options are things you are likely not to find if you are working with a laptop. You can find something close like a “disable your webcam” option.

This can also be achieved if a command like that is available on your laptop, and you will have to find your way back to the BIOS setting to enable your microphone is you disabled it there previously. Another way to turn off your headset microphone is by disabling your headset microphone on your windows device manager, so you must return to your device manager to switch the settings back to “enabled” for your headset to function.

Install And Update Audio Drivers

Windows 10 devices are sometimes programmed to install and update audio drivers themselves, this will work fine sometimes and won’t work as planned other times. It is best you visit the manufacturers website on insight on how to install latest drivers or update drivers that are already available on your windows device, and trust this step to help in fixing whatever problems you have with not hearing your headset on your windows 10 device.

Whatever problem you have with sound can be sorted out either by installing new drivers or by updating drivers you already have on your windows 10 device. Another way to sort the problem you have with not hearing your headset is downloading the new USB controllers on your PC, and the manufacturers website remains one of the best places you can get USB controllers for your PC.

Confirm Physical Connections

Ensuring the headset is well connected to your windows device is another way to help resolve the problem of not hearing your headset, and this is because there is a possibility that every wire seems properly connected but are loose on the inside. You might not be able to hear sounds using your headset if this is the problem, so the first thing you must do is pulling the cable to check if you are using a USB microphone or headphone jack.

Plug back in to make sure everything is well secured and connected, and ensure you have connected the headset to the right port on your windows device. Output audio jacks are known to have the green color sometimes, while the microphone output is denoted using the pink color. They might possess the same dull color in very rare cases. Furthermore, microphones or headsets tend to come with mute switches.

This means your headset or microphone will not produce any sound if it is in its mute setting. This is something you should check when working with your headset.

Sound Control Panel

The recording tab in your windows sound control area should be used when testing if your microphone can produce sounds, and you will be able to view sound settings if when you click the sound icon in your windows notification section. Clicking the recording tab option on your device will show you every recording device available on your PC, and there will be a right movement of the indicator if a sound is produced.

Select Default Microphone

There are several microphone input on windows 10 devices sometimes, and you should visit the sound setting and right click on what microphone or headset you want to set as your default microphone. You can count on this option when you want to use different microphones for different applications.

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