Fender FA-115 Review

One of the newest addition to the list of acoustic guitars designed by Fender is the Fender FA-115 guitar, and what you are looking at is another top quality guitar for beginners. Our Fender FA-115 Review will take you deep into the world of this excellent guitar, and we will be looking at its interesting features, the quality of sound it delivers, and a host of several other points that are worthy of note. You will be able to come to a verdict after reading this post.

Surprisingly, the Fender FA-115 guitar was designed to be the successor of the Fender FA-100 guitar, but you should have it in mind that what you are looking at is a not-so fancy guitar. It features a pato neck and a laminated hardwood fretboard, and you will definitely hear people mention how much they trust the Fender brand to design a solid and reliable guitar. The Fender brand has designed so many trustworthy and reliable guitar over the years.

Fender FA-115 Review – Top Features

One of the attributes of the Fender company is designing products and instruments with great quality and an impressive build, and the Fender FA-115 guitar has this same quality and build. Producing an excellent sound performance is what every guitarist will expect from the guitar they play, and this is another benefit you can trust the Fender FA-115 guitar to offer. Interestingly, it isn’t hard to play as it has similar features with the guitar you learnt with.

In this interesting post, we will be showing you core points and features that have contributed to this guitar’s popularity, and every point we will mention in this post will show and prove to you why the Fender FA-115 guitar remains the best guitar choice for every beginner. It comes as a no surprise to the Fender company that every beginner is pushing to lay their hands on the Fender FA-115 guitar.

This is why this guitar comes with every accessory that you need to start playing immediately you unveil this guitar from its pack. Talking about accessories, here is a detailed list of every accessory this guitar comes with;

  • Gigbag
  • Straps
  • Picks
  • Instructional DVD
  • Clip-on tuner
  • Fender trial membership

Taking us back to 1984, the Fender company began the production of musical instruments. The reason why everyone will find it easy to own the Fender FA-115 guitar is because of how affordable it is. This guitar guarantees lasting for a very long time regardless of its cheap price tag, and it is also one of the beginner guitars you will enjoy playing or learning how to despite having a non expensive price tag. It is simply for every beginner learning how to play.

You should not expect high level durability and quality sound from a beginner guitar, but what so many people find surprising about this guitar is its spruce top design which is mostly found in several expensive and higher-quality guitars. I mean it when i say this guitar brings no form of discomfort or pain despite playing for hours, and users will find it very easy to hold while playing because of the way it is designed and built.

Take a look at the sound quality this microphone delivers combined with its top quality build and you will understand why so many people are surprised at how cheap this guitar is. Having an impressive sound range is another eye-catching feature of this guitar, and the combination of a dreadnought body and solid spruce top ensures this guitar sounds very loud. Being easy to play is another feature we will not forget to mention about this guitar.

This is why so many past users have ended up comparing this guitar with other higher priced guitars on the market, and feeling irritated or tired to move the hands while playing the FA-115 guitar is a situation you will never find yourself in. It is designed to not only produce amazing sounds but to also allow you play comfortably and as long as you want.

Fender FA-115 Review

Fender FA-115 Review

Is The Fender FA-115 Guitar Reliable?

The fact about this guitar is everything we have discussed so far will not come as a surprising news to anyone that has already tried it out, but we want to take a deeper look into some of its features. It has a 20-fret fingerboard combined with a spruce top design that makes this guitar tough and strong, and this level of durability is one you will not get from other beginner guitars on the market.

Its back and sides are designed using sports laminated basswoods which makes this guitar feels solid when it is touched or held, and this is another feature that sets this guitar apart from other guitars on the market. The type of guitar you want to shop for is one of the questions you should be concerned with when shopping for a guitar, and having a six string with a full size is what the Fender FA-115 guitar is all about.

It perfectly fits the right hand and has a traditional feel which makes it impossible for this guitar to slip out of the hands when playing, and you will never get bored of playing with this guitar. Having a high quality build, no fills design, and solid spruce materials are the top features of this beginner’s guitar. All of these features guarantees this guitar meets up with your expectations in terms of build quality and performance.

Fender FA-115 Review

It is no longer a surprise why people trust the Fender brand to produce an instrument that will wow the general public, and this is because of the reputation the Fender brand has built for itself over the years. In addition, the Fender FA-115 guitar has well balanced, strong, and loud mid ranges, and this makes it possible for everyone to enjoy well balanced and defined sounds when this guitar is being played.

Having an impressive tone and dynamics are other notable features we will not forget to mention about this guitar, while having player-oriented characteristics makes it the best choice for every beginner out there. It boasts of a hardwood bridge used for enhancing tone, and smooth sounds will be produced thanks to its 20-finger fretboard.

Final Thoughts – Fender FA-115 Review

The Fender company is well known when it comes to making reliable and trustworthy instruments, and this beginner guitar we just finished talking about is another impressively built guitar from the Fender brand. You will be left with a very long and detailed list if you decide to note every point we have mentioned of this guitar, but this should tell you that spending your money on this guitar is investing wisely in an instrument that you will gain from.

Offering a comfortable feeling when playing, being easy to play, and offering an outstanding sound performance are features every beginner will fall in love with when playing this guitar, and you will be surprised at how everything about this guitar is solid but it has a very affordable price tag. For every beginner, this is one guitar that will set you on the right track as you begin your career, and we hope everything we have said will help you make a good choice.

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