Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth

Using wire with your television isn’t modern and people make use of smart tv’s now. Do smart TVs have bluetooth functions? How can you find this out?

Let us be realistic, not everyone will love the idea of watching wires litter everywhere in their home. It is okay for anyone to be angry when they see wires littering everywhere around their home, and it is also a known fact that having too many wires in your home can be an old fashioned way of living.

The questions we just mentioned up there are what this post is set out to address today, and this is the right page for you to read if you have been searching for answers.

Gaining more with less is what you will benefit when you go for a television that has a bluetooth design inside of it, and the help of this bluetooth technology has limited the use of wires or the possibility of seeing wires litter all around your home.

You do not have to put up with so many wires simply because you want to enjoy some piece of entertainment in your home, and you will be getting a lot of outstanding features when you settle for a smart tv that has a bluetooth function.

The flexibility of this television type ensures that it serves you in different ways, and all we have said so far has already provided an answer to your question. YES, smart television comes with a bluetooth technology.

One piece of information we want you to know is that not every smart television comes with a bluetooth function, and you will only find bluetooth functions in high end television sets when this technology was first launched into the market.

What this means is you must have been very wealthy for you to afford a high end television with a bluetooth function. Failing to splash the cash at that time means you will not settle for this amazing feature.

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth

What this means is that older television designs did not come with the bluetooth technology inside of it, but there were several low end televisions that boasted of having other amazing features but lacked the bluetooth design. At that time, you will only find bluetooth functions in mid end and high end televisions.

Surprisingly, the bluetooth function and technology founds in this television sets varied. This means they were not the same.

To make our last statement more simplified, the level of bluetooth technology you will find in a high end television is different from that of a mid end television. This is because high end television sets are expensive and boasted of a topnotch design compared to low end devices.

The high end televisions were considered as flagship devices, and this also tells you that both classes of television had different capacities and never shared same bluetooth function.

Furthermore, so many homeowners at that point in time came to the conclusion that the bluetooth function of the mid end television was lower in quality compared to that of the high end television.

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Smart TVs With Bluetooth Option

It is convenient and fun having a smart television in your home, and this is because with other gadgets and devices in your home becomes very easy.

Just like we mentioned earlier in this post, you won’t find the bluetooth function in every smart television out there, and keeps you wondering about what smart televisions out there might have this bluetooth design. Everyone wants a smart tv with a bluetooth design, so you guessed right, the demand is high.

Here is a list of some high quality smart television that has a bluetooth function;

  • Hisense 40H5500F
  • Sony KD43X80J Bravia
  • Caicun Android EC43S1UA
  • TCL 32S334
  • LG 55UN7300PUF
  • Samsung UN50TU8000FXZA
  • Hisense 50R6090G
  • Samsung QN900A
  • Samsung QN75Q70A
  • Samsung QN65QN90A
  • Samsung QN65Q80A

Right there is a list of some of the televisions you can look out for that comes with a bluetooth design, and you will find it easy to connect with other devices when you settle for any of these televisions that we have mentioned. Getting any of these tv’s we have mentioned also implies you will find it easy to expand your entertainment option.

How To Setup A Smart TV’s Bluetooth Function

Setting up or enabling the bluetooth function on your smart tv isn’t as difficult as people have pictured it to be, but the way a bluetooth is designed on a smartphone is different from how it is designed in a television.

Turning on your bluetooth function and searching for devices you want to pair with is how it is done when you are using a mobile phone. Surprisingly, this isn’t how it is done when working with a smart tv, and that is what we want to show you.

Turning on the bluetooth option on the other device you want to connect with your smart television is what you must do first, and you can proceed to list of active bluetooth devices on your smart tv so you search and pair with it.

This procedure also works on a Samsung television, but you can go through the tv manual if it comes with a completely different approach from what we just mentioned to you.

You will have a proper guide in your tv manual that will show you around all you need to know about your smart tv, and this guide will also make sure you do not do something that will affect your television’s bluetooth function, or to the television in general.

Inside your television’s user manual, you are going to find out about the factory reset settings, and you should avoid it else you risk resetting every you have put in place in television.

How To Check For Bluetooth In Televisions

You still need to check if your smart tv comes with a bluetooth function even though so many smart tv’s claim to have the design. It is very necessary that you check for this function, and do not forget we mentioned earlier that not all smart tv’s have this function.

Gamers especially need to check if the television they have comes with a bluetooth function, and finding out what bluetooth option your smart tv comes with is also very important. It is crucial that you make a research on the television you want to buy if it has a bluetooth function before you make a payment for it.

You can start by checking out the brand’s website, and checking the television’s setting is also another way to check if a smart tv comes with a bluetooth function. There are several other ways you can check for this information, and going through a tv’s manual is another way you can get this piece of information.

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Wrapping It Up

Finally, if your smart tv’s remote control has a bluetooth button then it is likely to have a bluetooth design. With all of the functions and benefits that comes with owning a smart tv, you should consider getting one by now if you do not have it already.

The Samsung brand is one that is popular for making smart tv’s with amazing bluetooth designs, but there are several other brands that are also doing a very good job with their bluetooth designs. Go ahead and invest in a smart tv with a bluetooth function if you do not have one today.

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