Do Lg TVs Have Bluetooth

Compared to several other brands that specializes in the making of high quality television, the LG brand might just be that brand that makes television with bluetooth designs. This means that so many of there television is likely to have a bluetooth design, and do LG TVs have bluetooth is a question that still needs to be answered factually irrespective of what anyone thinks about the brand.

The short and precise answer to this question is YES. The LG brand like we mentioned earlier designs television to have bluetooth functions. Truth be told, almost everyone will agree with the fact that the LG brand makes premium quality television to have bluetooth design. However, another thing people tend to struggle with after finding this out is figuring out a way to get the bluetooth function enabled.

This is where another problem lies, but there is absolutely nothing to be bothered about this question as that is where this post also comes in. The essence of this post isn’t just to provide you with an answer if you will find a bluetooth technology on your LG television, but showing you how to get it enabled is what this post is also all about. Surprisingly, people make the mistake of not checking whether their television comes with a bluetooth design or not.


Do Lg TVs Have Bluetooth

At the same time, they also do not bother checking if the bluetooth is in its pairing mode for it to connect with other available devices. This also explains why people find it difficult to connect their headphones and soundbar with the television because they forgot to put these devices in their bluetooth mode. No matter what, these devices are quite similar as you might have to do a bit of this or that before they enter their pairing mode.

Taking a look at your airpods, setting it in its bluetooth pairing mode will require you to press and hold down its power button till you find a white light that is blinking. When this light comes up, this is to tell you that the airpods are now in their pairing mode, making it simple for you to connect with any available device. This is what we implied when we mentioned having to do something before a device can get into its bluetooth pairing mode.

This might come as a surprise to you but so many devices also makes use of this same step when you want to set them in their bluetooth pairing mode. This means getting another device to enter a pairing mode shouldn’t be difficult for you anymore. Getting the device into the pairing mode is one thing, but below are the necessary steps you ought to take when you want to enable your LG television’s bluetooth option.

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Do Lg TVs Have Bluetooth


Do Lg TVs Have Bluetooth

Follow these steps below;

  • Press the select icon or select button on the remote control of your television, while other television remotes might have you to press the menu button which will take you to the select options
  • Look for advanced settings option when you find your way to the select options on your remote control
  • Under the advanced setting, you will find a sound menu option where you will find a sound out option
  • Under the sound out option, you will find a bluetooth select option which you have to click on
  • A list will be displayed of active and available to pair devices, and all you have to do is select which of the device you want to pair with your LG television

Note that getting sounds might take few seconds after you have successfully paired your LG television with another device using the bluetooth option. The cause of this delay is the time taken for signal to be sent by the bluetooth, and this might just take two or more seconds to send out these signals. This is why we constantly advice our readers not to be frightened if they do not get sounds immediately after pairing their LG TV with another device.

We have showed you how to connect your LG TV with other device using the bluetooth option, but what we want to show you right now is steps to take when troubleshooting problems on your LG TV.

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Checking If Your LG TV Has A Bluetooth Function

Getting your confirmation from the LG site remains the surest way to find out if your LG television comes with it a bluetooth function or not. This step helps you to carry out a detailed check on what specifications the television comes with, and you can narrow down your search using the filters on the left hand of your screen. You will find the options your television comes with, and you can read the details in full when you click on your TV.

The connectivity section is another place where you can check if your LG television comes with a bluetooth option, and you either get the version of the bluetooth the television comes with or you get a YES option. There are numerous information regarding any television of your choice on the LG official page, so snooping around for information won’t hurt. That is why people say no knowledge is lost.

You will also get exclusive information on voice recognition, gaming, and so much more on the LG official website.

Troubleshooting Issues With Connectivity

When making use of connections, you are likely to face certain issues once in a while. When faced with any of these problems, you shouldn’t enter into a state of panic, but what you must do is follow the detailed steps we will show you below to figure out how to solve the problem staring right in front of you. Try out these steps if you have any connectivity issues with your LG television.

  • If you have paired your device with your LG tv already then go ahead to forget or remove it from list of already paired devices
  • Unplug your LG tv from the wall socket for about sixty seconds, and hold down the rest button for as long as ten seconds while it is still unplugged
  • The device you want to pair with your LG television should be turned off too for about ten seconds before turning it back on
  • If you want to pair your LG television with another device, ensure both devices are not thirty feet apart from each other. This is because thirty feet is the required for connection when using the bluetooth technology

If carrying out these steps doesn’t work then proceed to contacting the LG support for help.

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