Cubase Vs Ableton

When talking about digital audio workstations, Cubase and Ableton are two of the best digital audio workstations we have present today. They are used in the creation of sounds by sound engineer and musicians, and one argument that we have decided to share our opinion on is the Cubase Vs Ableton argument.

The interesting aspect of these digital audio workstations is that they are excellent at carrying out their functions, and telling which one is good for you can be a little bit difficult. At the end of the day, any digital audio workstation you go for will come down to the one with features that will get your job done for you.

Interestingly, professionals make use of the Cubase and Ableton digital audio workstations. This is because they offer users with nothing but professional quality results, and there are several popular persons that have made use of these workstations at some point in their career. They are Skrillex, LondonOnDaTrack, and Timbaland.

Popular film maker, Hans Zimmerman has at some point admitted to working with these professional software. One truth people are yet to find out about Cubase and Ableton is they are designed to achieve similar goals, but they come with features that makes them different or function differently.

This is responsible for the arguments between the Cubase Vs Ableton digial audio workstations as people are constantly seeking information for them to know which of these software is the best for them. You can only make a choice when you find a software that will meets up with all of your expectations and needs.

Cubase Vs Ableton

Before you can be able to make a choice about these software, you need to know the strengths and weakness of both digital audio workstations. This is a time where people are constantly looking for ways to improve at what they do, and this is the brain behind designing something like a digital workstation.

Digital audio workstations are designed to help you make better sounds, and trust me when i say using a DAW will make the entire process simple, detailed, and easy. However, Cubase and Ableton are two of the most trusted digital audio workstations, but how can you make up your mind between both digital workstations.

This is where this post comes in as it provides you with every piece of information that will drive you to make the right choice for you. Let us take an in-depth review about these two digital audio workstations starting with the Cubase digital audio workstation.

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Cubase Review

The Cubase digital audio workstation has made some upgrades over the years, and trust me when i say these upgrades helps in making good sound very easy. Its recent versions comes with options that makes post production process easy, and being able to spice things up with ease can be achieved in the post production phase.

So many people are of the opinion that the Cubase digital audio workstation comes with an intuitive interface, and this is why people find them interesting and entertaining to work with. It boasts of having a user friendly design that makes it easy for professionals and beginners to work with them.

Cubase is considered as one of the best tools for mastering, mixing, and recording, and it works with any genre of music whether you are working with a mobile device, a PC, or a laptop. Its mobile version boasts of having a straightforward interface, and you will be open to so many features to work with.

You will record vocals and instruments with ease when you connect the audio interface and your mobile device.


  • Working with this workstation allows you carry out thorough editing as it comes with all necessary tools to work with
  • It has a wide collection of plunging bundles
  • Its user interface is enticing and easy to navigate


  • It has expensive upgrades

Cubase Vs Ableton

Cubase Vs Ableton

Ableton Review

There are several people in the music industry that makes use of the Ableton digital audio workstation, and it also works for mastering, recording, and mixing in music. In addition to its functions, it can be used for composing, arranging, and for live performances, and DJ’s will be pleased to work with this intuitive software.

This is because it comes with features like cross-fading and beatmatching, and compared to several other digital audio workstations, you will realize that the Ableton comes with a highly intuitive interface. This means it will require some learning for you to work with it, and this is quite common with most digital audio workstations.

You will be open to several amazing features when working with the Ableton audio workstation, and it is a fact that you can make use of this software in making outstanding and amazing sounds. Furthermore, some of the notable functions you will find while working with the Ableton digital audio workstation are listed below;

  • Session view
  • Comping
  • Linked track editing
  • Updated and new plugins
  • Upgraded sounds
  • Midi polyphonic expressions

There is a different between the Ableton and the Ableton Live digital audio workstations, so finding the one that meets up with all of your needs is very important. Let us show you some of the pros and cons that comes with working with the Ableton digital audio workstation.


  • Its workflow is easy, fast, and effective
  • You can expand and collapse its tab with ease
  • The Ableton Live comes with sample versions that helps in simplifying the music production process


  • It has a very low latency flow

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Wrapping It Up

Making up your mind on what digital audio software to work with should be easy now that you have learnt a lot of the Cubase and Ableton digital audio workstations. This post has provided you with their features and an in-depth review on both workstations, so finding which one works for you should not be a serious challenge anymore.

One piece of advise we want to leave with you is you shouldn’t settle for the Cubase digital audio workstation if your power system doesn’t have sustainable power for it. Going ahead to work with the Cubase audio workstation with a poor power system will only result in low pace when working or when making a beat.

The Ableton on the other hand might not require so much power to work with, but it comes with some limitations that makes it difficult for beginners to find their way around it. One good thing is any of these digital workstations will do the job of providing you with great sounds and beat, so make up your mind on any that will work for you.

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