Cool Way To Store Records

A known fact about the turntable is it is regarded as more than just a musical instrument by anyone who loves and understand music, but it is considered as a way of life for so many people considering the fact that it will play all of your favorite tunes. Functionality and style are two things you should look out for when choosing cool way to store records, and it is also very essential that you seek out amazing and impressive ways to store your records.

You might be wondering why anyone has to worry about storing their records, but you should have it in mind that taking a low-key statement design doesn’t do the trick when it comes to storing your vinyl records. This brings us to the question, what ideas can you put to use? Where do you get these ideas from? How can you bring this ideas to life? Finding out a suitable way to store your records is very crucial, and doing this has its benefits.

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Being able to find your favorite record when you want to listen to it lies in your ability to store it perfectly and properly. Storing up your old records in a way that you can find it easily when you want to make use of it will pay off eventually, and it doesn’t matter if you have to browse through so much vinyl records or if you have a very small collection of vinyl records to select from. What matters is how important you take organization of your records.

Nowadays, there are so many intelligent options you can try out when you want to store your records. Interestingly, making use of these intelligent options makes sure your home stays well and properly arranged, making it easy for you to find any of your vinyl records when you want to listen to it without going through any form of hassle. This is why you can bank on this post as it will show you some amazing options to try out when storing vinyl records.

The good aspect of this post is you are going to be inspired to listen and own vinyl records if you do not have any, and you might be considering why anyone must stress with storing vinyl records when they can easily place all of them inside of a box. There is the option of making use of storage boxes or loading the records on the shelves, but doing this doesn’t guarantee any fun, and it offers to form of inspiration in any way.

You might be surprised when you find out that vinyl records are still making an impact in terms of sales on the market, and finding a stylish and beautiful way to store them is not just to beautify your home but also to make sure that your records do not suffer damage. Interestingly, there are options you can breathe life into out of your creativity, while there are others you will end up shopping for on the market.

Owning a vinyl players means you will need vinyl tapes to go with it. Living in a small apartment means you have to find a suitable way to store all of your records so they do not make a mess of things in your home. They should not be stored in a way that will cause your home to look awful, and this is why you have this interesting post that you can try out. Let us take a look at some of the best options you can try out.

Cool Way To Store Records

Cool Way To Store Records

Without wasting further time, check out some of the best options you can try out right away;

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Dovetail Record Crate

This is one of the storage options that you can try out based on the fact that it comes with a minimalist and cool appearance, and it remains one of the best options you can make use of when storing your vinyl records. For starters, this storage option can store as much as one hundred vinyl tapes, and this crate boasts of a solid build as it is made using walnut and oak material. This refers to the durability of the crate, and how long lasting it will be.

Furthermore, this storage option comes with leather handles and brass fasteners, and this parts of the crate makes sure it doesn’t drop when carrying it. This is another way to ensure that all of your records are safe and protected.

Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Case

This storage case is designed using a faux leather material, and it is the second best option you can try out if you do not want to go with the dovetail crate storage option we just finished talking about. This is one of the most affordable storage options you can try out, and the fact that it will take up to twenty vinyl records inside of it makes it a very good bargain.

On the other hand, it boasts of having a unique and dynamic vintage design, and this is what so many people love about this storage option.

Horizontal A-Z Dividers

Desiring that all of your vinyl records stays well organized isn’t a wrong thing to do, and this is the main purpose behind the Horizontal A-Z dividers. They are aimed at keeping your vinyl records well stored and organized in a horizontal manner, and what makes this storage option unique is its stenciled lettering design that makes it easy to identify records when searching for it. This takes away stress when searching for your records.

Molger Storage Stool

So far, you can see that there are so many storage options you can try out but we are concerned with showing you the best options. The Molger Storage Stool is another storage option you can never go wrong with, and this is based on the fact that it comes in a stylish and durable design. It also boasts other options for storing of towels and linens, and the bonus that comes with this option is you will get a stool which can serve other purposes in your home.

Atocha Design Record Stand

What we found out is nobody has been able to look away from the Atocha Record Design Stand when they come in contact with it, and this is because it has a classy and stylish way of displaying your vinyl records. It also boasts of having an attractive design as it comes with orange legs, while its vibrant legs are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the records you have stored inside of it. This means it will stay firm and fixed anywhere you position it.

Its walnut and maple material construction, and you can count on this storage option to take up about three hundred vinyl tapes inside of it. This is the highest out of all other storage options we have mentioned, and you can see why so many people find it difficult to look away from it.


Showing off all of your vinyl record collection is what every storage option we have provided you with is designed to do, and they do all of these in a classy and stylish way. One more thing you need to know about these storage options is they guarantee the protection of all of your vinyl products so they are not victims of unwanted damage. They boasts of sturdy and tough designs, so you do not need to worry about damage.

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