How To Make Sealed Box Louder

How To Make Sealed Box Louder

Don’t get confused when we mention a sealed box, because a sealed box refers to a sealed subwoofer box that comes in an enclosure. Sealed subwoofer enclosures are used for so many car audio settings nowadays, but there are people with complaints that they do not sound as loud as they have pictured it to … Read more

How To Make Subs Louder Outside The Car

If you feel your car bass sounds isn’t getting heard couple of blocks away, or if you feel your car subs are disappointing then you should be considering how to make subs louder outside the car. If you are craving that thunderous bass sounds from your cars but you are not getting it then you … Read more

How To Wire Speakers With 4 Terminals

If you want to enjoy the music or playlist you are listening to then you should listen to them on speakers, and the truth is all speakers available on the market comes with properties, characteristics, and features that makes it unique. Some speakers are designed in such a way that they can be wired and … Read more

How Long Do Speakers Last

It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to a very interesting playlist, producing, or recording, a speaker is one of the integral part of any sound system setup. One point this post wants you to note about speakers is that they can never last long, but how long do speakers last is the answer is … Read more

Round Vs Oval Speakers

Which speaker is likely to put in a better performance between the round vs oval speakers? There is this general believe that every ride will be fun filled, enjoyable, and memorable if you have a quality sound system inside your car, and this general believe isn’t wrong in any way. The fact is listening to … Read more

14 Vs 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

14 Vs 16 Gauge Speaker Wire

What most audiophiles think nowadays is they can get a speaker wire from anywhere, but the problem lies in the speaker wire providing the sound quality you desire. The truth is there is still a lot to learn about speaker wires before a person proceeds to shop for a speaker wire, and that is wire … Read more