How To Stop Crying When Singing

In the world of music, one of the things that you must have found surprising if you are not a singer is how singing has caused so many singers to cry. There are people that have found these moments embarrassing, and now they are seeking ways on how to stop crying when singing. This is … Read more

Is Ginger Good For The Voice?

If you are considering going into the world of singing or music, you should know that it is going to require a lot of effort and practice. One of the ways you can exhaust your vocal cords is by forcing them to sing for too long, but there is something that can offer relief and … Read more

What Is Vocal Cry

What Is Vocal Cry

One of the big questions that is being asked in the world of music today is what is vocal cry, and so many people are wondering how singers can apply the vocal cry technique when singing. Trust me, vocal cry is going to help you get better at singing a lot, and i understand hearing … Read more

Singers Who Use Autotune

singers who use autotune

The use of autotune has become very popular nowadays, and there are so many singers that occupy the list of singers who use autotune. You would be surprised to find out that such a list actually exists, but you shouldn’t be all surprised as that is exactly what this post is here to discuss with … Read more

What Is Autotune In Singing?

After Cher released a song back in 1998 titled Believe, it was the very first time anybody was going to hear autotune for the first time on a song. Autotune started gaining waves from that point, but the few who knew nothing about it always asked, what is autotune in singing? Autotune is one of … Read more

Why Do Singers Use Autotune?

Why Do Singers Use Autotune?

So many music lovers are of the opinion that singers should quit the style and habit of making use of autotune when singing. You might wonder why people feel this way, and people claim singing with autotune is some kind of musical cheat. This makes people ask why do singers use autotune? Some people believe … Read more