Can I Use Clorox Wipes On My Guitar?

Keeping your guitar clean at all times is the ideal thing to do. Keeping guitars clean doesn’t help with hygiene alone, but it also helps in preventing the instrument from getting damaged prematurely. One the best way to keep your guitar clean is by disinfecting it, but can disinfectants bring harm to the guitar?

Can clorox wipes be used on guitar? It is okay to make use of a clorox wipe to clean a guitar, but the pick air must get dried before applying it again. There are so many ways you can sanitize or clean your guitar, and soaking the pick in alcohol for few minutes is the most effective and popular method.

Disinfecting guitars helps in killing germs that affects guitarists while playing the guitar. It also makes sure that germs and diseases are not spread from one surface to another. Making use of wipes on your guitar doesn’t mean it will bring harm or damage the instrument, provided it is done the right way.

In addition to promoting good health of guitarists, disinfecting guitars ensures they are not vulnerable to illness. Cleaning a guitar is not the same as stripping a guitar, but there are certain dangers that come with using wipes on guitars. As we all know, everything tends to have a good and bad side these days.

Can I Use Clorox Wipes On My Guitar?

Making use of clorox wipes on guitars depends on the finish on the guitar. If your guitar has a gloss finish then you can apply clorox wipes, purell, and even alcohol on the guitar. The best way to disinfect using these products mentioned is by applying a very small amount on a piece of cloth and wipe down the guitar gently.

Finishing up the job should be done with a piece of cloth so every leftover residue will be eliminated from the body of the guitar. There are minimal or no risks attached to cleaning guitars with a standard gloss finish using purell wipes, alcohol, and clorox wipes.

Bleach and lysol must not be used on your guitar. Why is this so? This is because lysol and bleach will damage the guitar’s finish, causing the instrument to degrade generally over time. A popular product known as wonder wipes were specially produced for keeping guitars clean, but you can also have a clorox wipe available.

Most disinfectants contain alcohol as it is an ingredient that effectively kills germs. Cleaning guitars with a wipe containing alcohol is not something that is recommended. This is because the fingerboard of a guitar might get damaged, or its plastic side might get cracked when alcohol is applied on it.

In other cases, your guitar’s finish might start peeling off because of the alcohol applied on it. This is why it is very important that you make use of only tested and trusted stringers and cleaners in keeping your guitar clean. Taking care of your guitar can be simple as there are several things you can do to keep it in shape.

Another thing you must know is water is not your guitar’s friend. This is because water can cause a slight damage to a guitar’s finish, so it is best you clean guitars using a slightly damp piece of cloth.

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Tips On Cleaning Guitars

Can I Use Clorox Wipes On My Guitar?

As much as cleaning guitars is recommended, there are things you should know or do before going ahead to clean guitars. Here are some ideal tips to consider before cleaning a guitar;

Wash Your Hands – Before attempting to clean, you must make sure that your hands are clean and free from germs. Make sure you wash your hands with a soap and clean water before sanitizing a guitar. If you do not do this, you might end up passing more germs from your hands to the guitar.

Make Use Of Gloves If Necessary – This is recommended if your guitar has come in contact with a sick person. Making use of gloves here prevents you from getting infected and falling sick.

Method Of Application – When it comes to sanitizing guitars, do not apply the product or cleaning solvent directly onto the guitar. You could end up damaging the instrument or creating a big mess, so it is best you apply the solvent or product on a clean cloth and wipe the guitar gently with it.

Make Use Of A Microfiber Cloth – You can’t make use of just any cloth when wiping a guitar. The best type of cloth to make use of is a microfiber cloth, and this is because microfibers prevent abrasion. They will not scratch the surface of your guitar, so apply the product on the cloth and use the cloth to wipe the guitar.

Avoid Sharing Guitar With Sick People – If anyone is sick, do not give them your guitar to play. This helps in preventing the spread of germs and diseases, so keep your guitar away from sick people.

How To Clean Rusty Guitar Pickups

Rust, grime, and dirt are elements that easily attack guitar pickups. Trust me when i say these elements can be eliminated easily, and thick layers of dust can be eliminated using compressed air. Blowing compressed air on thick dust will get rid of it, while oil can be used in dealing with surface rust on guitar pickups.

Applying white vinegar on pole screws, or soaking pole screws in white vinegar for few minutes will wipe rust away from guitar pickups. Guitar pickups are electronic components responsible for detected sounds produced by guitar strings. These picks might corrode with time if you acid or humidity finds its way to your hands and you play the guitar.

It will take a lot of rust to be able to damage a guitar’s pickup, and this will degrade the sounds produced generally. There’s a good chance you might not be able to solve the issue of rust affecting your guitar. Most times, our skin gets exposed to air and moisture which results into rust.

Your are more likely to cause your guitar to rust if you live in humid environments, so it is best that guitars are stored in a dry place. Having rust on your guitar pickups doesn’t mean the tones produced will be affected. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be concerned when you find out rust is attacking your guitar.

Like you read earlier, rust on guitars can be handled either by applying oil or by blowing compressed air on the guitar. On the other hand, you can prevent rust from attacking guitars by making use of a good guitar polish. Finally, a satin taylor finish protects the guitar and makes it look new.

This is one cleaner that is easy to use, and trust it to leave your guitar looking new.

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Final Note

Sanitizing guitars should be done only when the time is right, or when it is necessary. This is because sanitizing is different from regular maintenance, and applying sanitizing products constantly on your guitar will cause more harm than good to your guitar.

Proper maintenance makes sure that your guitar stays in a good shape, making it more safer and enjoyable to play.

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