Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

Voice teachers get so many questions from time to time, and one of such question they get on a regular is can a terrible singer become good? The person asking this question might already be dealing with fear, and this is why he or she would want to know the answer to a question. This post will bring you answers to this question very soon.

There is a possibility that you have come across people who do not know how to sing, or people who have a very poor voice. Ninety percent of the world population knows how to sing, but this statistic might sound a bit funny considering the fact that there are so many people with terrible voices. Other people cannot sing in tune.

The irony of this statistic we just showed you is you could be among the percentage of people who do not know how to sing, so why would you actually believe that a greater percentage of the world population knows how to sing. There is a reason why so many people do not know how to sing, despite moving their lips with ease.

This is because of the standards created by the society in eliminating people who do not know how to sing, or people who fail to sing in tune. They are constantly being eliminated from the list without given trials. This also explains why several people have abandoned their singing journey as they have faced harsh criticism at some point in life.

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

When asked if a terrible singer can become good, one fact we want you to note is having a bad singing voice doesn’t imply that you do not know how to sing. It also means you cannot end up singing very good like other good singers, but there are few things you should master doing which can help you become good at singing.

These things include understanding the foundation of singing, trying out a healthy practice routine, and you watch the entire process become very easy for you. The voice will end up sounding unique when you are able to do this two things we have mentioned, and the problem doesn’t really imply you do not know how to sing.

You might feel you have a bad singing voice, but it is also dependent on how you perceive yourself. It might also have to do with the way the person listening to you rates your voice, and there is a possibility that the person who listened to you didn’t get all of your notes clearly. You might also have issues with motor control, so it could just be anything.

Learning how to sing in tune is one of the easiest ways a person can learn how to sing, and it doesn’t matter if you are part of a singing group or if you sing alone. What matters is finding out ways that can help you sing in tune, and you also need to learn how to sing in tune with the instruments if you are a backup singer for another singer.

Singing in tune can be mastered in two ways, and we are talking about;

  • Singing in same note
  • Singing in same pitch

Not having confidence in yourself is yet another factor that can affect you from singing very good, and people do not know that not having confidence in themselves is going to affect them negatively when learning how to sing. Maintaining a good posture helps in boosting confidence, and you should learn to believe in yourself.

The fact that you know how to speak also shows that you will know how to sing, and there are several factors that will affect how you sound eventually. You should also be able to sing even if you have a vocal disability, and the age the singing voice gets fully developed also has a role to play in enhancing the singing voice.

The vocal cords and the larynx will become fully developed at the ages of eighteen and twenty one, so this is yet another factor you should try taking into consideration.

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How To Become Good At Singing

Can A Terrible Singer Become Good?

At the end of the day, there is a possibility that you go on to have a good singing voice. What we want you to know is that you shouldn’t be discouraged, and have it in mind that you have a good voice no matter how bad it sounds. Having a good practice routine and mastering the best technique makes it all easy like we mentioned earlier.

However, we want to leave you with some tips that will show you how to get better at singing.

Professional Tips

The saying ‘hardwork beats talent when talent doesn’t get to work’ is one saying that is constantly being proved right, and what we want you to take from this is to view singing as hardwork. This means you can device other ways to be smart about it, and you will get better at singing when you focus on these things we have mentioned.

Accessing various notes and trying out breathing exercises are some of the tips that will also improve your singing ability, and having total control over muscles present in the face, jaw, mouth, and throat also helps you improve your singing skill. These are simple tasks you should carry out if you want to improve how you sing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Singer?

Recording yourself and listening to your recording is the best way to tell how you sing. You can use this technique in figuring out your posture, your stance, and also your breathing.

Can A Voice Break Glass?

No. The human voice cannot break glass but the only scenario where this might be possible is if you are dealing with a glass that is very fragile.

What Makes Someone A Good Singer?

Carrying a tune while singing, hitting notes, and entertaining others are simple ways you can tell someone that is a very good singer. Good singers have developed their craft, and they keep figuring out ways to help them get better at what they do.


Doing everything that has been stated in this post will not just help you grow in singing, but you are guaranteed witnessing a boost in your confidence levels. This confidence boost will also spread to other parts of your life, and this is why ruling yourself out that you can’t sing is a wrong thing for you to do. Go ahead and try these tips listed here.

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