Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

The Bose brand is the brand that comes to mind when you want a brand that can easily provide you with portable, easy to mount, and easy to install speakers. There are several outdoor speakers the Bose brand offers you to choose from, and this is why you have the Bose 151 Vs 251 review at your fingertips. Are these speakers good enough?

The Bose 251 outdoor speaker is one of the most trusted and reliable outdoor speakers out there designed by the brand. However, there are people who think that the Bose 151 outdoor speaker is a better speaker compared to the Bose 251 outdoor speaker. You need to find out all there is to know about these speakers before making a decision.

Before going ahead to talk more about these speakers, let us show you what the pros and cons of the Bose 251 outdoor speaker is all about.


  • It has a water resistant casing
  • Setting up this speaker can be done with little or no stress at all
  • It offers users topnotch sound with no distortion
  • Trust this speaker to provide you with great bass sounds
  • It can withstand tough and extreme weather conditions


  • Making adjustments to suit your listening experience is difficult as it doesn’t come with any controls
  • There is no slot port for tackling turbulence
  • This outdoor speaker doesn’t come with a wired design
  • It doesn’t come with a control for tuning

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Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

The Bose 251

Provide you with high quality sounds is what the Bose 251 outdoor speakers was designed to do, and easily installing this outdoor speaker around your garden is one of the features that makes people opt to go for it. You really do not have to pass through stress when installing an outdoor speaker, and it can be installed at the pool, garden, etc.

Installing it around pools is safe as its casing comes with a water resistant design, and people also love the fact that this speaker is built to withstand tough and harsh weather conditions. It comes with a woofer for additional sound quality which makes it the envy of several other outdoor speakers, and there is no distortion when using this woofer.

You are going to get the sound quality you want whether you install this speakers outdoors or indoors, so let us show you some of the best features of the Bose 251 outdoor speaker based on everything we have said so far about it.

Bose 251 Outdoor Speaker Features

Top Quality Sound – This outdoor speaker comes with a multi-chamber cabinet that provides users with the best in sound quality, and the inner woofer it comes with also makes sure you get nothing short of the best in sounds.

Easy Setup – You do not need to shop for mounting brackets or any other installation kit as this speaker comes with everything you need for installation. One of the easiest things you will love about this speaker is the fact that you will find installing it simple and easy, and you will love it as it serves as a great element for decoration.

Furthermore, this outdoor speaker comes with a different mounting bracket that makes it easy for you to mount either horizontally or vertically. This shows you installing this outdoor speaker is super easy for anyone.

Impressive Array Design – You will consistently enjoy top quality sounds from one side of this speaker to the other, and this is because of the array design it comes with. The array design is the best outdoor design for speakers as it ensures that sounds are not lost. This speaker also boasts of having a strong field.

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Bose 151 Vs 251 Review – Differences Between These Speakers

Bose 151 Vs 251 Review

The surprising aspect of these speakers is they boast of having the same cabinet and array design, but these speakers will always have differences despite all the similarities that they share. The casing of the Bose 251 outdoor speaker is designed using a composite material, while that of the 151 is designed using a glass polypropylene material.

This proves that the 151 outdoor speaker has a stronger cabinet design compared to that of the 251 speaker. You are also going to get more balanced sounds when making use of the Bose 15 outdoor speaker, and this is based on the fact that the Bose 151 speaker comes with high quality precision speakers for delivering sound constantly.

The Bose 151 also boast of a high resistivity to weather elements and conditions compared to the Bose 251 outdoor speaker, and the reason for this is because of the polypropylene material that its cabinet is designed with. Furthermore, you can either mount any of these speakers.

There are certain features of the Bose 151 speaker that makes people believe it will offer a better sound quality than what the Bose 251 speaker offers. This is based on the stereo everywhere feature it comes with that makes sure sounds are evenly spread all across the entire space. It makes sure sound doesn’t just move in one direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bose 251 Speakers Have A Bluetooth Design?

No, Bose speakers are not designed to have a Bluetooth design since they do not come with a Bluetooth feature

Is Bose A Private Company?

Yes, it is a private company that will remain held privately. The Bose company is an audio technology company that was founded by an Indian-American Amar Gospel Bose


Despite the Bose 251 and Bose 151 outdoor speakers sharing some similarities, you can also see that they have features that sets them apart. These different features are what people pay attention to when it is time to make a choice between both outdoor speakers.

Interestingly, they share the same hardware mounting device, and they can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. It is impossible to look away from the fact that the Bose 151 speaker has a stronger build since it is made using a tougher material.

We have said several amazing things about the Bose 151 outdoor speaker, but this doesn’t mean the Bose 251 outdoor speaker doesn’t have its own edge. The Bose 251 outdoor is going to provide users with powerful sounds based on multi-chamber design, and this is what helps in rating it above several other outdoor speakers.

Deep and resounding bass is what you will get from the Bose 251 outdoor speaker, and the production of top quality bass sounds is one category where it will win over the Bose 151 outdoor speaker.

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