Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

You have found the right page if you are looking for knowledge about the bass guitar vs electric guitar, as all this page is centered on today is giving you a deeper knowledge about these two unique instruments. Everything you need to know about these classical instruments will be detailed in this post, and we are also talking about their features and more. Bass guitar are known to be a part of the guitar family, but it has features that makes it stand out.

We are referring to features like the size of the bass guitar, its string, tuning, and the type of sound a bass guitar produces, and you will know which of these instruments is best for you by the time you are done reading this post. Like we all know, it can be very exciting for anyone to learn about an instrument or even learn how to play it for the first time.

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Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar Vs Electric Guitar

Learning about an instrument might compel you to form your own musical line while playing or listening to people that know how to play, and it can be very difficult for anyone to seal in the fun and excitement that comes with learning how to play an instrument. It is also exciting when you are checking out the type of instrument you want to go for, and this is why new players tend to be confused when considering which instrument to play.

One instrument people often find very difficult to make up their mind on is the electric and the bass guitar, and this is an indication that these instruments are of good quality and very attractive. It is very difficult when it comes to picking one out of these two instruments, and this is because there are some similarities these instruments share. On the other hand, these instruments also come with differences that sets them apart.

The unique features they come with makes them a very important member of every band, and the instrument you decide to go for depends on which you are comfortable with or which instrument you prefer. Your choice matters a lot, so it doesn’t have to come down to what you read in blogs daily. These instruments have their pros and cons, and all of these factors comes together in helping you find out which one is best for you.

You might be wondering what bass guitar really means, and there are differences between the bass guitar and other guitars even though it belongs to the guitar family. Bass guitar is used in telling the difference between bass and electric guitars, and electrifying bass sounds is the purpose behind designing the bass guitar. You might be surprised when you realize that bass and electric guitar looks very similar.

There are differences that sets them apart despite them sharing the same look, and the difference refers to the role both instruments play in the band, sizes, number of strings, and thickness. We would love to show you what the differences are between the bass and electric guitars right away.

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Bass And Electric Guitars Differences


New musicians or players will find it difficult to identify a bass guitar from an electric guitar, but you can tell the difference in size when you place them side by side. We are referring to the scale length when we talk about the size of these instruments, and the distance between the bridge and nut is what we mean by the scale length of a guitar. Bass guitar have a large size compared to electric guitars.

They come with long and short scales which features long necks unlike that of electric guitars. It is important for you to note that these scales are not the same, as the short scale produces thick and meaty sounds compared to the long scales.


Another difference between both instruments lies in their strings, and we are talking about the number of strings both guitars possess. Electric guitars mostly come with six strings, but you will find only four strings on the bass guitar. Several bass guitars are designed to stick to just four strings, but having a difference in strings and its neck features lets you know the type of wider modifications to expect on a bass guitar.

There are other bass guitars that are designed to come with fix or six strings, and players that play this type of guitars are allowed the freedom to try out alternative tuning.

String Thickness

The bass guitar might come with four strings alone, but these strings are designed to be longer, thicker, and cost more than that of the electric guitar. You will find steel and nickel string on the electric guitar, but you will find soft metal and nylon strings on acoustic guitars. Producing delicate tones is what these strings are known for.

Which Of These Guitars Is Easier To Play?

With so many things already said and discussed in this post, you might be wondering which of these instruments will be easy to play. No matter the features any of these instrument comes with, the instrument you are comfortable learning how to play depends on what you prefer. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, whatever instrument you go for comes down to choice.

However, no perfect manual will tell you that this instrument is better or easier to play than the other instrument. This is because all guitar players have their strengths and weaknesses which makes them unique. There are certain points that might guide you in making the right choice, and players with a small hand frame or fingers will find it difficult or challenging to play guitars with thick strings.

Bass guitars encourage players to bring out their creative side, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you when you find out that there is no instrument that is simple to play out there. It doesn’t matter what instrument you decide to learn how to play first, but it will interest you to know that the technique you carry out when learning the bass guitar can also be applied when learning the electric guitar.

If you are able to learn and master how to play one of these instruments, it will be very easy for you to learn how to play the other. The right mindset to apply, or the right question to ask has nothing to do with which of the instruments will be easier to play, but what you must know is both instruments require players to dedicate their constant time and effort to being better with every practice.

You will be surprised at how amazing you are going to play when you are committed towards learning and improving. Good luck as you go on this journey of finding out which of these instruments works for you.

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