Astro A50 Vs A40

A gamer who doesn’t make use of high quality headsets for gaming will not totally enjoy his gaming experience, and this isn’t the first time we will be talking about this. The Astro A50 Vs A40 headsets have witnessed so many comparisons over the years, and people really want to know which of these headsets is the real deal.

That is why you have this post at your fingertip which will provide you with all that you need to know, but what we want you to know that making use of a high quality gaming headset is as important as the game you want to play itself. Your entire gaming experience can be ruined if you do not have a quality gaming headset.

You can count on a gaming headset to offer you more than just entertainment, but making a choice becomes very difficult when you have a wide list of headsets to select from. There are games with some of the best graphics you can ever find, and what you need is to get a top quality headset as it is the final piece of the puzzle.

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This is where the Astro A50 Vs A40 review comes in as you have to make a choice between these top quality  headsets. These two headsets are by far the best that any gamer can settle for, and even experienced gamers know this for a fact. They have bagged several praises on the internet because of the quality sound they provide for gamers.

Astro A50 Vs A40

Astro A50 Vs A40

This means they will provide gamers with the best gaming experience, but having the full information on both headsets is what you need to do before you can be able to make a choice on either of them. Since you have an idea of what headsets we want to talk about in this post, let us show you the difference between the Astro A50 Vs A40.

Differences Between The Astro A50 Vs A40

  • The Astro A50 boasts of a wireless design, while the A40 comes with a wired design
  • The A40 gaming headset comes with a detachable microphone design, while that of the A50 comes with a non-detachable microphone
  • The A50 is more expensive compared to the A40 microphone as it costs about fifty dollars more than the A40 headset

Judging from all we just said, you can see that these two headsets do not have so much differences like all other headsets would. The fact is you have to look at several categories when you want to make up your mind on a headset, and there are people who look out for sounds and vibrations, while others look out for headsets with an ideal fit.

You already have an idea of the differences that lies between the Astro A50 Vs A40 but this would not be enough when you want to make a choice. You also need to be fully aware of their specifications as it would also play a significant role in helping you make the right choice. Let us compare the features and specifications they come with.

Astro A50 Vs A40 – Specifications And Comparisons

If you find yourself in a spot where you have to select between two top quality products, it is very essential that you pay very close attention to the features. These features are what you will look out to help you make a very good choice. A small difference can end up pointing you in the right direction, so here are what you need to know.

Wired Vs Wireless Gaming Headsets

Earlier in this post, we mentioned that the A50 has a wireless design, while the A40 has a wired design. This feature can help a gamer in making a decision, and the wireless option proves to be the best sometimes since it provides you with so much freedom, while getting rid of wire clutters all around the place.

Personal preference can also come into play when making up your mind in this category, but have it in mind that other things should be considered when making use of a headset like for movies and for gaming. The space in your room is also going to determine if you want a wired or wireless design.

Astro A50 Vs A40

Power Consideration

The A50 headset comes with a rechargeable battery, and this battery can last for as long as eight to ten hours. How you make use of this headset is also going to determine how it is going to last, and the A50 boasts of a unit that will also tell you when you need to charge it. The A40 has a wired design, which means you have to plug it to an outlet.

You do not have to be worried about the battery getting low if you are making use of the A50 headset, and you can also see how personal choices can help influence what decision you have to make.

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Compatibility Issues

The good aspect of these headsets is the fact that they are compatible with most gaming consoles, but the slight difference in both of them is that the A50 comes with a cord if you decide to make use of the voice chat that A50 headset comes with.


Comfort is one of the best features you have to look out for when shopping for a gaming headset, and this is one feature that should not be overlooked when you want to shop for a gaming headset. Comfort is something that must be considered since you will be wearing a gaming headset for lengthy hours, and the A40 is lighter than the A50.

Having well padded designs offers extra comfort as it ensures that weight can be dispersed evenly all around the head. There are no forms of irritation or comfort on the head when you make use of these headsets.


These headsets share similar gaming functions, and the only difference between these two headsets is how you mute and unmute them.


Does A50 Sound Better Than A40?

No, the A50 doesn’t sound better than the A40 headset as both headsets sound very great. The A50 offers the best in producing superior bass, while the A40 provides the best in balancing sounds and acoustics.

Are A40 Headsets Open-Back?

Yes, the A40 headset comes with a wired open-back design, and they offer the best in sound quality you have ever heard. They also offer excellent bass production, excellent mid-range, and an impressive treble performance.

Final Note

Putting one of the gaming headset ahead of the other will be completely difficult, but there are few things that can help you make a very wise decision. We are talking about battery life, model, specific features, and price. You also have to decide what you want in terms of a wired or wireless headset, so it comes down to your choice at the end.

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