Alto Songs Karaoke

When we talk about alto, we are referring to the second highest vocal range in music. In addition, alto is also considered as the lowest female vocal range when singing an opera or classical music. An alto’s range s below that of the soprano, but it is placed above the range of the tenor and bass. This explains why anyone would pick a soprano and alto female singers to do a duet together.

Alto songs karaoke is what we will be looking at in this post today, but that isn’t all there is to learn about alto music. Picture this scene; a woman who sings low alto notes perfectly and another woman that sings high soprano notes perfectly are the bets combination for a duet performance. If you are just hearing the word alto for the first time then it means you are a newbie to the world of music.

However, this shouldn’t discourage as there is a lot to learn about alto music. It would be totally unfair if we don’t tell you more about alto music before going ahead to talk about alto songs karaoke, so let us tell you more about what alto music really means. Continue reading this detailed post to learn more about alto.

Meaning Of Alto In Music

Used in referring to register in vocal music, alto is placed in between F and C, and it is also numbered 2nd above D. If you are talking about four parts vocal, alto is what you will get as the second voice, but there are people with different ideas in the past who felt or thought that alto was used in describing more of male vocals than female. The truth is the male voice was once considered as the highest when singing falsetto.

You will be intrigued at the fact that the term alto was used in indicating highs previously, and it got its name from the Latin word Altus which means high. If you are talking about contrapuntal music, alto is regarded as the highest second voice, but it can also be applied when associating with vocal range. The use of alto when singing can be commonly seen in choral music today.

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Alto Songs Karaoke

Alto Songs Karaoke

In very few cases, you will be able to see that alto is used in describing male voice when singing solo music. Alto music is also considered to relate to contralto, and it is also known as the least female familiar voice. One good aspect of alto music is it doesn’t apply to only humans, but it can be used when recording sounds from instruments. Furthermore, alto can be used when making reference to alto trombone and alto flute vocal range.

The highest and lowest forms of instruments are the alto flute and the alto trombone, and the fact that it possesses unique characteristics is one of the reason why you can identify it when someone sings perfectly with it.

Characteristics Of Alto Singers

The voice that typical sings its part correctly is what alto implies, but this might not be totally true. It will come in handy for you to know that the world of music also has three voice and not just the alto voice when singing, and this information will come in handy if you are still new to the world of music.

The soprano, bass, and tenor are the other voices we are talking about in the world of music today, and describing polyphonic and homophonic sounds is what the bass voice will do. There are couple of steps you need to take into consideration when learning how to sing alto, and following these steps will make your learning process very smooth and easy.

How To Sing Using Alto

  • The first step you must take when learning how to sing alto is by getting a simple instrument you can play, and the piano remains the best instrument for learning how to play alto
  • A vocal test should be performed when learning how to sing alto as it would help you finish up all of your ranges and notes with ease
  • Musical notes is one aspect you have to read up on, and doing this is going to boost your learning process. Doing this will also make it easy for you to select any style of music of your choice, and enhancing your singing ability can be achieved when you read musical notes
  • The alto range that requires the lowering of the larynx when singing is the perfect range for you to sing in
  • Finally, look for a vocal group and be a part of them

Learning to partake in karaoke songs requires you to come prepared, and possessing great showmanship and singing ability will make singing karaoke very easy for you. It is very crucial that you figure out your strengths and how to put them to use, and it is also very essential that you know singing alto doesn’t mean singing the highest note or at your highest voice. Here is a list of alto songs karaoke you can sing comfortably.

Alto Songs Karaoke

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Top Alto Karaoke Songs For You

No Scrubs By TLC

The attitude that was displayed in this song is one that nobody has been able to repeat for so many years, and the fact that this song is still a popular anthem today makes it a classic. Bringing out your vocal range is required of you when singing this song in a karaoke, and it sure promises to be fun when you do.

What’s Up By 4 Non Blondes

People are of the opining that this songs rests among the higher pitches in the world of music, but you will be a bit surprised when you realize that this song rests in low contrapuntal and not in high pitches. It is a very common choice for karaoke today, and everyone will find it very easy to sing thanks to its cathartic chorus.

Valerie By Amy Winehouse

This remains one of the best and most popular covers by Amy Winehouse, and there are different reasons people enjoy singing this song during a karaoke session. It throws more light on the artist’s jazz signature music style, but the element of swing it possesses is responsible for getting people off their feet and moving their body to the beat whenever it comes on.

Someone Like You By Adele

What we have right here is a song that won so many awards and topped the charts for a very long time, and it is impossible to not find this song on a person’s heartbreak list of songs. Inspired by her own heartbreak story, you can tell that there was so much emotion in the song, and releasing this song made her feel okay according to Adele herself. It is one of the best songs you can sing during a karaoke session, and it is great for karaoke beginners.

Tracy Chapman

Among all of Tracy’s song, this is the perfect one that shows her romantic side. The fact that it has a very sweet melody and easy to understand lyrics is what makes it everyone’s favorite, and trust me when i say this song has been outstanding over the years. It also contains some true life heartbreak lines, and so many people consider it as a very good choice for any karaoke session.

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