Alpine iLX-W650 Review

Welcome to this interesting Alpine iLX-W650 Review which will tell you everything you need to know about this device. There are car owners that have been facing constant issues with their car stereos, and this is because the setup involved when dealing with some car stereos isn’t as easy as you think they are. The stress that comes with setting up a car stereo is one that every car owner will find very difficult to put up with, and it becomes more frustrating when you want to listen to music either on your way to work or on a long road trip.

This is why we have decided to bring you this article about this device, and the reason why so many car owners has refused putting up with the factory car stereo their car comes with is because of the stress that setting up brings. If you are a music lover and you are reading this post then you might be considering taking a step further in enjoying your music while driving, and this will cause you to shop for and install a reliable sound system that will meet up with your needs. Having the Alpine iLX-W650 shows you the importance of sound in cars.

The Alpine iLX-W650 is recommended for anyone that is searching for an easy to use car stereo, and the fact that it doesn’t have confusing and ugly interface and buttons makes this device very easy to work with. Producing amazing stereo sounds is what this device is designed to do, and this is what we consider as a very superb upgrade from listening to sounds similar to the sounds produced when a tin can hits the ground. Having all necessary features to make every trip memorable is one of the benefits that comes with having the Alpine iLX-W650 in your car.

It has an impressive compatibility with most software and apps, and you can be able to access this device while driving without having to push a button thanks to its siri and google assistant functions. This limits the numerous accidents on the road as you no longer have to take away your eyes from the road, and what past users admired a lot about this device is its easy and simple installation process. Operating the Alpine iLX-W650 device is also simplified using its Google apps for navigation and Wazo voice commands.

There are car owners that think the Alpine iLX-W650 device is preferred and better compared to any double DIN unit, and this is based on the fact that this device from Alpine offers the best in terms of sound quality. Taking a look at everything we have mentioned so far about this device, you might be wondering the set of people that will benefit greatly from making use of this redesigned car stereo device. If you are looking at not paying too much on getting the best in sounds from a car stereo then the Alpine iLX-W650 is strictly for you.

This device sells at a very affordable price tag, but you should also be aware of the fact that this device comes with some shortcomings of its own. We never forget to mention that no product is designed to be perfect, so the flaws of any product should not come as a surprise to you. The significant reason behind shopping for and installing the Alpine iLX-W650 in your car is to listen to songs in clarity and great sound quality, and the fact that this device comes with a double DIN slot makes it better than other devices in its category.

Alpine iLX-W650 Review

Alpine iLX-W650 Review

The fact that this device supports a hands-free operation is what makes so many people fall in love with it after every use, and connecting to Android and Apple devices is another advantage of this device. Its hands-free design also helps in cutting down on road accidents as there are so many people that have ended up losing their lives while driving because they were trying to do one thing or the other while driving. You can get to read and reply messages using siri on this device while driving.

Delivering a clean sound production whether you are listening to the radio or your favorite playlist is another benefit that comes with installing this device in your car, and this is the best device for anyone keen on listening to podcasts and audiobooks while driving. Operating and navigating through this device is very easy as it comes with a seven inches wide screen, and one good thing about its screen is it is very responsive. This means whatever button you push responds immediately.

There are people currently comparing its touch screen to that of a tablet, and the reason for this is because it provides you with a clear view for anything you want to take a look at. Its double video input is another fascinating feature of this device, but its video input lacks a camera. Shopping for cameras should be done separately, and installing these cameras means they can serve as your rear and dash cameras when driving.

Alpine iLX-W650 Review Shortcomings

One of the flaws of this device is it doesn’t allow you customize its head unit, and this means it will be impossible to change background colors and lights. Its screen doesn’t come with animations and transitions, so what you get is what you have to work with when you install this device in your car. It also comes with a single USB slot which means plugging in either your phone or USB stick. You can’t plug in both or two devices at the same time, and the fact that it doesn’t come with a CD player means you have to move contents from your CD to a pen drive.

Taking away its CD player means the Alpine iLX-W650 is going to get lighter, while having a shallow design makes it possible for you to conceal wires behind it. Its digital receiver takes about twenty seconds to start up, and this is very slow. Changing settings while driving can be very difficult too, and connecting its parking brake wire is something you should get a professional to do for you if you are not familiar with it. Let us show you some of the pros and cons of this device listed below;


  • It is a good equipment for families that do not make use of same devices
  • It provides a good sound quality
  • Its screen doesn’t lag
  • Its screen is very responsive


  • It has a longer boot and start up time
  • Customizing its background light and color is impossible

Final Note – Alpine iLX-W650 Review

This is the best digital receiver you can install in your car judging from everything we have said so far, and the fact that it works just as we have advertised means there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Its family friendly design is one of the features we love about it, and it is also simple to use so you do no require special knowledge to make use of this equipment. Its app is very easy to use, making it easy to find your way through maps.

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